Teach English in SAntanfengjingqu - Suizhou Shi

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Yes,in my opinion, English is for sure a global language. Even as a little girl I was simply intrigued by that language. I like it so much, that I even tried to made up some words. It seems to me that it's a kind of langugage that can easily go through your ears. It's elegant and very special, al least that's how I see it. Nowdays, it's a world spread language that is taught in schools around the globe. English is basically everywhere. We can find it to be the main language in computers, mobile phones, video games. There are meetings being held in English,there are restaurant menu's all around the world, written in English, there are street signs in English. Youngsters communicate in English via e-mails, social networks, video games and so much more.. English has become important for bussines, that is why there is a large number of countries where it is an official language. As I was reading different articles, magazines and newspapers, I have found different and interesting data. One of them is that there are more than 350 million people around the world that speak English as their first language and more than 450 million to whom English is a second language. This global language grows from one day to another and it is spreading amazingly fast. People who study it the most are in Japan,South Korea and China. In their schools English language is obligatory. Nothing less important is studying English in Europe, or to be more precise in my own country, Croatia. Children start to study it while in kindergarten, and then they continue with English language education at school. To study English at school is obligatory, while in kindergarten parents can choose if their child will learn it or not. On the other hand there are people that are for and against this popular language. Some of them are against it, because they are afraid other languages may disappear. Wanted it or not, there is a fact that English is a world language. In my opinion it is not hard at all to learn this language. So maybe, beacuse of its simplicity it is becoming a language on a global scale, where everyone wants to know how to speak and write in English. As I've been working with kids aged between five and fourteen years old, I can see how they embrace English. They are very curious about learning it and they are not bored at all. They partcipate in class whether we sing,draw or count. They love every minute of it. So there is definitely a sign that English is global and powerful. Communitation expands very rapidly throughout the world, that is why there is a necessity to choose one language as,( a so call it), to become a leader. So people can communicate better between them, whether we talk about business, schools, universities, or every day life. There has to be the language that leads through. In my opinion that language is definitely English with all it's finest „beauty“. It is one of the greatest languages I have ever known, and I am proud to be a part of it's world.