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5 activities with flashcards for young learner Flash cards is widely used when teacher teaches new words, I think every teacher have used flash cards in the teaching lessons, To make it easy to introduce the activities, I choose the new words to be about animals: panda, monkey, giraffe, tiger, lion, dog, fox, cat. Here are some activities with flash cards. 1. Quick and slowly flashcards First choose a flashcard and quickly show the kids and ask them what is this, some will guess, and if they say it right praise them, and ask them to read again follow you. Then use a paper to cover on the flash card, and slowly show it to kids, attract the kids’ attention, and paly who got it fast, and praise the one get the answer. And read the words, the kids follow. Take turns to play the flash cards by using slowly or quickly show them 2. What is missing Put all the kids on the board, review first, and then ask the kids close the eyes, quickly take one flash card away, then ask the kids open the eyes, ask question, what is missing? Take turns to do it , next time you can take 2 or 3 flash cards away and ask the same questions. Or ask one kid to work as a teacher, to take one flash card away ,ask question. 3. Flash card riddle Put the flashcard on the white board. Say a riddle, like which animal is in red in the picture? Which animal eat bamboo, which animals have a long neck? And take turns to get the answer. And also you can have a challenge if the kid level is ok, ask them to work as a teacher to give a riddle, the other kids guess the answer. 4. Group game Put all the kids in different group, name the group with the animals’ name, it depends on the number of the class, if you have a big class, you can separate them in group, if you have a very small class, you can name the kid with the animals. And then give instructions, like panda group, put your hands up, monkey touch your nose, fox hand on your head. Take turns to give instructions to every group or every kid. You can have the challenge one, ask the kid the be a teacher, give instruction as teacher do, young kids like to be a teacher. 5. Lip reading Let the kid guess the word according reading your lip move, and guess what is that word, it also helps the kid with pronunciation by using this activity. We can also to challenge the kids, if he got the answer the fastest, he will be the teacher next round, and then take turns, you need to let them do all the words we need to learn for this lesson. Please don’t use only one activity in your lesson all the time, even the kids love it, if you overuse it, they will get bored, make some changes and think of good ideas to make them engage all the lesson.