Teach English in Xiqu - Yancheng Shi

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A teacher is many things, with many skills and knowledge which a student doesn’t have. A teacher is typically older and wiser than their student, and typically more respected than their student. however Naturally, some people will possess more ability than others in this world, and some will be older, and some will pose more respect, but that doesn’t make them any of those people teachers. What separates a teacher from others must not be their age, stature and ability; it must be their willingness and ability to pass their skill and knowledge on to the next person. The most important aspect of a teacher is their teaching ability. While at school, while growing up, people see teachers as individuals who generally hold more power than them and know answers to questions which they may not. In the eyes of students, this may be nothing more than what a teacher is, but while in school students will always have a favorite teacher, for some reason that teacher will standout more than others. Typically, that teacher is though so highly of because of their ability to pass knowledge on to their students. Now, a student may argue it is their personality and their relatability that make them so great. These are in fact traits of a person with great teaching ability. No matter if it is language lessons or life lessons, it is the teacher’s ability to pass on those lessons that make that teacher’s personality so great. Because students can safely learn from them, they become so much more trustworthy and welcomed by the students. A warm teacher will warm students’ hearts and allow them to learn at ease. That way be one of the most important ways of think when you learn teaching skills, it is why learning teaching skills as a beginning teacher is so important. A lot of people in this world possess great knowledge and have great ideas, but those great things will only travel as far as people’s words will take them. That is no differ when it comes to teachers and students. While the teacher’s knowledge is great and important, it will only be as important as how well it can travel to students. No matter if it is the theory of the universe you teach or a single pronoun, it will make no difference if the student doesn’t retain that knowledge. So as teacher, it can be argued that perfecting our own knowledge may be far less important than perfecting our ability to pass on that knowledge. It is a given that a teacher knows more in their field than a student, and the width of knowledge gap is nowhere near as important as the ability to bridge that gap and grow the student’s knowledge. Teachers of all levels should always strive to achieve better learning skills, as that is what separates them from someone who simply know more. As native English speakers becoming ESL teachers, we are already, in the eyes of the students, a master of our field, our knowledge gap is as wide as it possibly be. Which is why to become great teachers the key necessary component which we don’t have is the ability to teach. While some people will innately have good sense for teaching, as discussed in this essay there is always room to grow and it is the teacher’s job, new or old, to constant grow as teachers. This is why, all new ESL teachers must learn teaching skills.