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Summative Task Selected Topic =>> 8. Why complete a TEFL course. Title: The TEFL course – a necessity as part of a growth process. November 2019 Part of the 220 hours TEFL Master course Title: The TEFL course – a necessity as part of a growth process. Back in Autumn 2017 I faced another career change. To bring the story right to the point of this topic, I, eventually, was guided into the teaching profession by sheer coincidence, or as some would call it, synchronicity. Shortly after my first initial contact with a person in a nice car passing me on a side street, I was approached by other parents and institutions, and was asked if I would be interested to teach them English. I said, that I need to think about it first, and prepare some documentation. So, I went back home, changed and prepared my C.V. to match it with the opportunity currently at hand and contacted them shortly after. In the few discussions, get-togethers and meetings that followed I explained myself saying that my mother tongue is not English, but rather German. However, I could teach them both languages. However, with the English language teaching they should ideally consider it as a second option. They all accepted, and I started to move into the English and German teaching profession simultaneously. The years gone by and soon I started to realise that it would be much better and more professional if I could provide the potential students/clients with a professional certification in the English language; also to avoid being labeled as someone who wants to just use opportunities to create extra cash flow. The professional TEFL certificate would grant me a higher status within the industry and a much better professional image and reputation within a growing industry, especially within developing countries such as China. Actually, I wanted to do this course for many years, even before I was gently pushed into this industry by other life factors. So, I started to do some research on where to do it remotely but still fully accredited with hard-copy certification being sent to me after the completion of the course. TEFL courses are internationally accredited certifications to assist other nationalities to gain a very different access to cultures and societies with a professional approach and help those in the country to hopefully also gain access into the world nations via another language other than their mother tongue. In today’s time, it is also becoming a requirement by most education institutions and schools that a teacher has reliable, reputable accredited certifications in order to provide professional service to others. In China, there is now a huge demand of teachers with such qualified certifications and special skills who can provide a much more professional and trustworthy environment. Since I have been working and living predominantly in English speaking countries and continents for most of my life, I thought it would now be the perfect time to finally get the professional accreditation in my most used second language, that is English. With the two languages I am able to explain various sides of different cultures and societies, their point of view, history, daily life, challenges, opportunities and much more. In addition to that, I am also able to offer linguistic and translation services to different companies and can write bi-lingual articles for international accredited magazines and newspapers. The times we are living in now require and demand much more and much higher quality, rather than just quantity and volume. It is therefore necessary to be on top of the game and to be up to date with the current movements. Besides the obvious, a professional TEFL course is also helpful if one wants to grow, expand and evolve beyond their current living sphere and perspective. Any professional certification, degree and other similar accreditations will help one in their profession and perhaps secure a brighter future. Continued education that is self-initiated is a sign of determination, and it enhances the inner confidence, which in turn increases the self-value of a person in the verbal and non-verbal interaction within any given environment. For me, the TEFL course up until now has shown me what I actually can do and where I need to catch up and improve, in order to be professionally better and to create a more enhanced learning environment. Once this goal and/or vision is achieved I will be able to create a much more prosperous life for myself and for my future clients/students. Besides all the other benefits such as international job opportunities, visa assistance for special countries, meeting new people across the globe, increased income opportunities, the most important is to have and receive the certification. Main text word count =>> 738 References: