Teach English in Guodian Zhen - Zhengzhou Shi

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This course has provided me with all necessary english teaching skills, knowledge, techniques and training that have helped me to become an effective modern teacher. It was very well structured and covered any areas which are necessary to enter a classroom with confidence. All the material was very well written and presented, and appropriate for self-study. The assignments were clearly formulated and relevant to the modules of the course, and I found they developed my understanding very well. A real strength of the course was the extremely helpful and detailed support by the tutor. I would like to thank my tutor Karl for his very expert, perceptive and interesting feedback on my worksheets. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course from start to finish. I have learned a great deal about lesson planning and teaching ideas that are going to be very helpful when I teach english abroad. I find it very useful to designate different types of activities for the three stages (engage, study or activate) and apply different teaching ideas regarding grammar points such as present, past, future, conditional tenses, vocabulary, etc. I personally feel much more confident about my teaching skills. Also I have learned that caring about my students, being a flexible teacher, interacting with my students, encouraging motivation and being passionate about my teaching are essential features that will help me to become a better teacher. I have learned how important the physical presence, gestures and voice are in the classroom for the students? understanding and learning, but, specially the importance of motivating and encouraging students. I feel I have achieved a good practice in planning lessons. I always focus on the aim of the lesson and I develop activities bearing in mind that: ? I must try to cover all skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). ? I use different student groupings such as paired work or group work which makes classes more interesting and engaging for students. ? Tasks must be different, short and fun. I normally try to imagine I am one of my students and I think about what type of tasks I would like or I would have more fun with. ? I need to try to increase STT as much as I can In addition, I take in consideration what type of learner I am preparing the lesson for, this is; I consider students? age, origin, level of english, interests, etc. During the course I have had the chance to go through many basic grammar points that, from my point of view, are very important and certainly relevant for any english learner. Also I feel much more confident about what type of assessment to set to the class and when. My assessment skills have definitely improved after this course. I am planning to use this certificate to teach english during my future travels around the world. I would like to start in Asia or South America. The most suitable situation would be to find a local school or languages centre where to apply for a job and temporally enjoy what the new culture brings. To conclude, starting this course is just the beginning. After I have taught and travelled the world giving my knowledge of language to others I hope to keep developing my professional skills. This would be done by attending seminars, doing more courses, etc.