Teach English in Qingji Zhen - Zhoukou Shi

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Though we both are native english speakers, we were very aware that this course would certainly be difficult. Although we both speak and write in proper english (usually), we were not always fully aware of the underlying grammatical structures and the finer points of the language. At least, we weren?t aware of them consciously. We have both gained a greater understanding of our own native language through this process, and it is now even more obvious just how ?weird? english can be when compared to other romantic languages (between us we know some spanish, french and italian). Since we sometimes struggled recognizing and identifying some of the grammar, it was very obvious that learning the language is extremely difficult for those who have not grown up around it. Thankfully, this course has provided us both with a very helpful approach to teaching the language through the use of lesson plans, suggested activities, and pointing out focus areas that are especially difficult for ESL students. By essentially ?teaching? us english again and giving us helpful teaching ideas and tools, this course will undoubtedly be the necessary foundation upon which we begin our ESL teaching careers. The material that we were required to generate for this course (lesson plans, activity ideas, etc.) will be extremely useful. We have no doubt that it will be used in our future lessons as english teachers. We look forward to our new jobs with a mixture of excitement, confidence, and a bit of healthy anxiety.