Teach English in Yangbu Zhen - Zhumadian Shi

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In order to inspire and motivate beginner students, teachers have to feel passion and love for their students. It is fundamental that teachers encourage students and show them that learning another language is not an overwhelming task so students will enjoy the classes. The teacher lesson plan plays an important role in making sure that new grammar and vocabulary are introduced slowly and effectively. Especially with beginners students it is important to go slowly. Teachers have to introduce manageable amount of information and do not add in more information until their students are comfortable with what they have already covered. In the classroom, teachers will also have to slow down their talking speed. When students do drill exercises, teachers have to be sure to talk clearly and be loud enough for the entire class to hear them. Students will better understand what they are trying to say if teachers use clear examples of the target language with simple drawings, pictures, and exaggerated gestures. Gestures are super important and help beginner students better understand. Choose practice activities that are simple, easy to understand, and easy to explain are the key to making sure to meet the students ‘needs. Teachers can use lots of games in their lessons with lots of miming and role plays to encourage their students to practice and produce the language they have been taught. Also they can incorporate students’ interests they want to learn. Getting students to communicate with the teacher and each other in a positive creative environment to build a strong and trusting relationship should be the main goal of every teacher. Teachers have to try to involve as many students as possible and give them constant positive feedback, but more importantly, they have to accompany them throughout their language learning journey. Beginners need lots of repetition and drilling, especially when they start to learn the sounds of a new language. After that, they have to practice it individually and with other students. Teachers can vary the way in which they do drills to help make the language more fun and memorable. It is essential try to create a friendly atmosphere in the classroom by complimenting students often. Teachers should help students believe that they have the skills to succeed and recognize their skills and abilities when they do well. When students make mistakes, teachers can explain what went wrong and let students know that it is okay to make an error during practice time so they do not feel pressured to be perfect because making mistakes is part of the learning process and will provide them an opportunity for self-improvement. And last but not least, teachers have to be qualified to work in different environments and be prepared to resolve any kind of situations that may arise within their own class. Classes have to be planned carefully, taking into account the learning styles, age, level and background of the students. To successfully meet the learning objectives of the students, evaluations will be a very advantageous procedure that help teachers look into their weaknesses and strengths in order to improve their own practices.