Why Choose ITTT?

There are many great reasons why you should choose TEFL and TESOL courses from ITTT, and if the reasons listed below don’t convince you, check out what our course graduates have to say in their video testimonials.

  1. We are an established company with over 20 years of experience that trains more than 10,000 teachers per year.
  2. ITTT is an experienced and accredited training provider that accepts and assists people of all nationalities.
  3. We are an international company with round-the-clock assistance and handling of sales and inquiries by staff who have lived abroad and taught English themselves.
  4. ITTT graduates are employed in virtually every country around the world and many of them have gone on to very high positions within the TEFL industry.
  5. Our courses are designed and administered in-house. All courses are fully accredited (please see https://www.teflcourse.net/affilations/ for details).
  6. All ITTT course graduates receive a PDF version of their certification and are sent an embossed certificate with a personalized certificate number, which can be verified by employers and governments online. A certificate notarization service is also available.
  7. All of the in-class courses purchased through ITTT are US university-accredited.
  8. We provide graduates with access to a wealth of teaching materials, lesson plans and lifetime job assistance.
  9. ITTT has partnered with leading employers in the EFL industry to offer our graduates the best access to teaching jobs worldwide.
  10. We stay in touch with our graduates way beyond their course completion and many of them share their teaching experience with us via our blog.
  11. ITTT offers the widest range of courses to suit all budgets, with online, in-class and combined courses available.
  12. ITTT offers courses that range from 60 to 470 hours.
  13. ITTT offers basic to advanced-level courses at both certificate and diploma level.
  14. All of our course tutors are highly qualified and experienced.
  15. Our certificates are highly valued by employers worldwide.