A Fresh Perspective: Why you should complete a TEFL course As an energetic twenty-something,

As an energetic twenty-something, educated, and successful business woman I often daydream about pursuing life in another country, engulfed in another culture, thinking of a different take on the world. Life is definitely a journey and teaching would be a far cry from my daily office routine. After talking with my husband about together teaching abroad, I decided that I'd better find out exactly what 'teaching' was all about. I researched and realized that taking a TEFL course would allow me to learn how to teach the language, solidify my initial intentions, and given me a strong appreciation for teaching and admiration for teachers.

Taking a TEFL course has forced me to learn the English language. I say 'learn' and not 'relearn' because I grew up in a culture where communicating in English was a means of survival. I acquired the language skills by hearing it daily. I felt like I was learning English all over when I started the grammar portion of this course! It forced me to objectively look at how we form sentences and think about how I would communicate that to a non-English speaker. The course provided me the techniques to approach students who are learning language for the first time and for those who may be advancing their skills.

Not only did I need the grammar refresher, taking a TEFL course allowed me to solidify my initial intentions for wanting to teach abroad. I have always wanted to experience a different culture and TEFL would provide a good avenue to do that. In taking in this course, I have also realized that many of the skills I use in business can be brought into the classroom. Interpersonal relationships are key in my business practices as they are with the students in classroom. A connection to students will take you miles from where you start just like in business. The course has also allowed me to take my time before making an international move and really absorb the lifestyle change and impact that I could make in the classroom.

Finally, taking a TEFL course has given me an appreciation for teaching and admiration for teachers. The TEFL course provided a good base for teaching methods and classroom approach. The concepts were clear and I will definitely take note from the teaching methods described. The course content also helped provide a historical glance at teaching methods and how they have changed. I found that helpful. The course also gave me a new appreciation for teachers. My husband teaches elementary school kids and I will never look at his profession with the same set of eyes. I oftentimes wished that I could have observed his classroom to see what teaching style he uses. Maybe I will!

Taking a TEFL course has provided me the opportunity to learn how to teach the language, solidify my initial intentions, and given me a strong appreciation for teaching and admiration for teachers. I would recommend that all individuals who have had no prior teaching experience to enroll and start their adventure'