Building confidence in students In today, the necessity of learning

In today, the necessity of learning English is growing thru out the world whether you are a high school or university student, an international business executive, or someone in need of effective English and job skills for personal or professional reasons. That is why many students seek for an institute or English as a second language school to improve their English skills. However, the problem of these institutes and ESL schools is only emphasizing how wonderful programs they have, but do not care how the students feel in the class. I think the most important thing for students is that they meet a good teacher who has a positive attitude, passion for teaching, and knows how to give confidence to students so that they can improve themselves as well as have a better class.

When I attended the pre-college English course, I met the typical teacher who was very proud of his PhD degree in English, but did not have any passion for teaching. The class started with ten students, but at the end, only seven students finished the course. Many students had the difficulty to understand his lecture because he did not use the right level of language for the class. In addition, his explanation was so boring which made my classmates dozed off a half of the time. The worse thing was when someone had a question, it seemed like we were disturbing him because he always read the book in the class. Even he answered question sometimes, he always sounded negative such as “Do I have to explain this again'” which stopped us asking questions. Because there was no communication, we could not get support and encouragement that we needed from the teacher. As a result, we were not only confused but also lost confidence in the class. That was the reason many students dropped out his class.

On the other hand, in the first year of college I met a wonderful teacher who gave me very good influence in my life. It was a tough decision for me to sign up for this course. Because of the previous teacher, I was a little afraid of meeting another teacher like him. I probably did not take this course if it was not the mandatory course. After I signed up the class, things were getting tougher. I found out I was only non-native English speaker in the class. At the beginning of class, I was shy and did not have enough confidence to speak in front of my classmates; however, thing were changed. This teacher was very different from the previous one. His class was very fun and exciting. He was always well- prepared for the class, and gave an attention to individual classmates that they needed. He always called every student’s names, asked questions, and gave positive answers to everyone. At the end of the class, I forgot about my strong accent that made me embarrassed, but gain confidence to give out the public speaking in front of whole class. In this class, I learn that I can do anything what I want if I have my confidence and put myself to it. In addition, I cannot thank enough to my teacher who gave me such an inspiration.

Comparing the two different classes above, the first teacher has a higher degree and he thought he could teach better English than the second teacher does because of his degree. Nevertheless, it does not matter how much higher education the teachers have, how much the teachers want to discipline the class, and what methods they teach with unless the students are confidence enough to participate in it. The class will only get better if students have enough confidence to speak up and can communicate with teachers. Another thing, what teachers have to remember is that only teachers exist because of the students.

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