Classroom management Classroom management is an extremely

Classroom management is an extremely important aspect for a new teacher, particularly if the teacher is inexperienced. In classroom situations where the students are of a young age and tend to misbehave, managing the classroom so that learning can occur can be challenging. One of the difficulties faced is in setting the boundaries and limits for the students to follow. When a teacher is inexperienced, it can be hard to find the balance between bonding with the students, maintaining discipline, and teaching effectively.

Certain considerations should be made when setting about establishing proper classroom management. Expectations should be made for how the students should act, and the students should know and follow these expectations. Both the students and the teacher should always be treated professionally, and with respect. The teacher should maintain a friendly atmosphere with the students, yet keep them on task and avoid unnecessary distractions. For students that continuously disrupt the class, they can be isolated from the others.

To maintain an orderly classroom environment, it is necessary to plan out and implement a good lesson plan. Without a sense of progression and achievement, the classroom environment can easily fall into passivity and disorder. There should be a point to each lesson, and a goal which should be attained. This will give the students a feeling of satisfaction in learning and improving their English skills. Objectives can be written on the board or told to the students in advance. The teacher should always be in control of the activities and supervise their progression. Routine activities should be supervised and acknowledged by the teacher in order to set up a basis for respect towards authority. Establishing a routine and habitual good behaviors will also set a foundation in the students mind for efficient usage of classroom time. The lessons should be varied and interesting enough to keep the students attention, while at the same time enhancing their English skills.

A system of rewards and punishments is also very useful for maintaining classroom order, particularly among younger students. If the students are given additional motivation for learning, they will spend more time and effort in improving their English. These rewards can be earned for good behavior, and signs of progression. They can also be taken away for misbehavior. Students like to feel that they are doing well in the class, and this can be shown to them by giving rewards. They can earn the teacher´s approval and respect, furthering their confidence and ambition to learn. Sources