Discipline in the classroom I choose to do my research article on

I choose to do my research article on classroom discipline. I choose this topic mainly because in my job here in America I work in classrooms and focus on discipline and classroom management with behavior disordered children. I am interested in finding out if the methods I use differ from those used when teaching English as a second language.

When dealing with classroom management one must first look at the teacher. As stated in the TEFL unit 19, 'the behavior and attitude/personality of the teacher is perhaps the single most important factor in a classroom and can thus have a major effect on discipline.' The teacher's proximity in the classroom may play a role in the management of the class. If the teacher just stays in the front of the classroom, they have little effect on the students in the back and it is hard for the teacher to know what is going on in the back of the class.

Boredom is a key factor in classroom management. It is the teacher's responsibility to know what level the students are at, to make sure they are challenged. The teacher must also keep in mind the age of the student. If the student is young the teacher needs to change up the activities more frequently to ensure that the student does not loose interest. If a student is bored they are more likely to act out. The subject matter that the teacher is teaching also has an effect on boredom. It is important that the teacher has a well- planned lesson.

Respect is a key issue in discipline and classroom management. If the teacher does not show respect for their students then it will be hard to expect the students to act with respect in the classroom.

If discipline is an issue there are several things a teacher can do. If the student is being disruptive to the class, it is important for the teacher not to raise their voice, however they need to be firm and be able to follow through with the consequences they set forth. If a teacher raises their voice or threatens the student then the respect will be gone and can encourage further problems down the line. The teacher needs to set firm boundaries that they can enforce. The teacher can also move the student from the back for the classroom to the front, or away from the other students that are a problem. Sometimes a student needs to work alone; in such cases the student can be moved to a different room or work environment.

There are several things a teacher can do in ensure a well- managed classroom. The important thing is to be firm and consistent. Overall I did not find any differences in classroom management techniques between ESL classrooms and the classrooms I assist in.


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