English as a global language Many a reasons to give English the

Many a reasons to give English the status of a GLOBAL LANGUAGE!

As English is the most widely spoken language in the world it is referred as a GLOBAL LANGUAGE. Reaching a world audience becomes easier with English. An estimated 354 million people all over the world speak English and it is the most widely taught and understood language in the world. English has captured the hearts and minds of people like no other language. It has become the link language between countries, communities and culture.

Just a few years back there were countries, which looked down upon English with a snobbish attitude and ignored it completely. The same countries have woken up to the reality and have come to terms with it and have decided to learn and master the language. English has taken its rightful place, which is at the very top and it is very difficult for any other language to dislodge it from there.

How did English achieve this reputation' Is it because of its simplicity, its lucid style its, richness, its texture'

Yes, all the above that is why English is referred as the Lingua Franca of the modern era, a language easy to learn and understand, and it is a loved language throughout the world. It has been steadily gaining greater currency worldwide because of globalization and free market economies. (Times of India-newspaper) In the present day world, English is not just another language, but it is a very powerful socio-cultural medium. It is become a source of power, information and knowledge and those who have not gained access to the language, feel marginalized, helpless. Therefore, the world is in a hurry to learn the language.

. English may not be an official language in many countries; but it is currently the language taught as a second language around the world. It is also by international treaty, the official language for airports aircrafts and maritime communications, as well as being one of the official languages of both the European Union and the United Nations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/english_language)

English does not merely serve as a medium of communication, It is a great source of enjoyment too. The wonderful pieces of literature and poetry that kindles a romantic's heart and lyrics that kindles the souls of millions all through the beautiful words in a language much liked and enjoyed. The best of songs, the best of fiction, the best of religious teachings and science are all packed between the pages of hard binds and read by millions, all in English. Man has been taught the simplest of lessons and the toughest of facts, all through none other than the English language. (Source- preface of an English textbook for B Com students)

In this age of technology boom and science invading every walk of human life, English is the common language that binds the world together bringing about a close-knit generation in many ways than one.

English is also the world's preferred Business Language, and it is very correctly called the LINGUA FRANCA of international commerce, forming a bridge and giving the world a common platform to do trade with.

Institutions and organizations through the globe seeking recruitment, expect applicants to know the language without making a mention of it.

Coming to media, English has seen no competitors through the various forms of media, be it print, television or radio. The arrival of printing brought an amazing range of new forms of expression.

The internet technology, also adds a fresh dimension to the English language. New styles of the language have been introduced into all domains of the Internet, e-mail, the web, chat groups, and the fantasy games that people play, and who debates the correctness of the e-mail writing with its 'speed language', lacking punctuation, capitals, and careless spelling. (Times of India)

Finally, English has become a symbol of people's aspirations, and to get ahead in life one cannot escape but to learn English and the language has been instrumental in shrinking the world into a global home.

The above points conclusively prove without doubt, that English can rightly be given the status of a Global language