Evaluation and Testing Evaluation and assessment are extremely

Evaluation and assessment are extremely important when it comes to teaching, it allows teachers to see the progress of their students and most important of all, it helps teacher polish up the lesson plan and find out what is most suitable for that particular class. Therefore, it cannot be overlooked.

Evaluation and testing comes in different formats and have different uses. One of the most important evaluation, in my opinion, is early assessment of students. Early assessment provide me with a quick perception and practical knowledge of my student's characteristics. It also gives me an idea of what my students know and can do and what they need to learn in relation to the curriculum. I have to look at my student's behaviours and use those information to make a generalization or prediction about their behaviour in similar situations or similar tasks. In order for me to ensure high quality in early assessments, I will have to make sure my assessments are valid and reliable.

A ESL class is different from an ordinary classroom, most of my students will be from different countries and there are many cultural differences that I have to keep in mind with. I have to try my best to accommodate different student's needs and keep an open mind about possible cultural differences. I will try and observe student's interaction with others during group reading activities that are held at the beginning of class pay attention to how they response to questions and maybe even pay attention to how other teacher perceive the students. These are all informal sources that I can ensure a better quality of early assessment. Another thing to note about an ESL class is that my student might have a different age range. With younger learners, they might have less language ego and will not hold back as much as the older learners, it might take me longer to evaluate the older students than the younger ones. While informal sources are great way to find out the students' ability, a more reliable way to assess my student during the first couple week of class would be some in class activities, basic illustration stories is a good way to give me a general idea of my students ability. For example, I can present a picture in class and have my student to retell the story base on the picture they see. Through this activity, I will have a better idea of my student's capability and their personality.

The benefits that early assessment brings are numerous, it is extremely important and is very helpful when it comes to lesson planning. Teachers usually begins their semester with a lesson plan which might not necessary be suitable for their students. Early assessment offers the chance for teacher to find out rather or not they need to modify their lesson plan. Also, early assessment helps teachers find out ways to motivate, encourage and improve their teaching by knowing the students' level and personality.