Learning Teaching Skills When I finally decided I really want to

When I finally decided I really want to do the TEFL course , I will always remember how daunting it looked and how hard I thought it would be in becoming a good teacher and all the learning teaching skills looked a long way off . But I soon realized how helpful the TEFL course of which I have completed has become. The teacher has many fascinating roles to play like having to be kind and patient at all times , and be flexible as well as they as a teacher should enjoy the teaching they are doing , as this will encourage and motivate the students you teach . There is so much that I took for granted when I was learning at school , but the lesson I had many years ago at senior school have been flooding back to me , and I now realize how much effort my teachers from my old school days put in . and how lively and productive they were , and since doing this TEFL course , I am fully aware of how responsible a teacher has to be to entertain and motivate the students . And the amount of knowledge as a teacher you must have at your disposal , to help and guide the students in learning the language. A good rapport is paramount with the students , even if you welcome them into the lesson , learn their names and continually interacting with them with help them in the lesson . I was concerned about how not to offend them , when they got something wrong and the course has given lots of really useful and positive tips and the TEFL has been immensely helpful , with the ways of how to go about improving their weaknesses and how to praise them even if they are not quite correct , and another useful tip is to smile as a teacher . The learning teaching skills role is an immense role and I feel very encouraged by ITTT TEFL course ideas and views that I can now achieve this goal of becoming a good teacher . Its surprising how much you take for granted the role of a teacher and the learning teacher skills but you soon realize how essential they become to the student and their progression. Other roles for a teacher which I had not really taken into consideration , but are fully aware how important they are , are the teachers role , as they are looked upon by the students with great respect are those of the role of a manager and a controller , as the students look to the teacher , with regards to activities and plays , role plays and tasks and topics for discussion to inspire them . , as well as being a organizer when having to put them into groups and pairs . As well as fulfil their role as a assessor by the checking of work including grammar and spelling and fluency of sentences and the content and context of their work .another important role is that of a prompter which helps the students slowly find their way within the learning through good teaching skills about the language . As the teacher is their to help them and provide encouragement to them with regards to ideas . And I also think that continually participating with the students , helps them express themselves , and encourages them to use their imagination , but the ITTT TEFL course gives you great advice with regards to good learning teaching skills of explaining that teachers should not dominate the lesson.

Tutoring also must be fair and equally to all students and also to know when to help the students and when to leave them to get on with it , on tasks without the teachers guidance , and try to be a model teacher , and observe and monitor all aspects and all that is happening within the lesson.

Learning teaching skills is a case of which role the teacher plays and when , and I have been very encouraged with the ITTT help and have learnt so much and I feel more confident in my ability to achieve good learning teaching skills thanks to the ITTT TEFL course of which I thought was well presented and well constructed and in a good simple format . And its been very much appreciated . I have totally enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of learning to teach .