Online vs Onsite Courses Teaching English as a foreign language,

Teaching English as a foreign language, where to start' Well, first you must learn how to teach English as a foreign language. In order to do this you must enrol in a course of some sort that awards you with a certificate proving you have learned how to teach this subject. Well, your company offers these such courses, along with two choices of how to learn the material. Online or onsite. Which is better' Well let us take a look.

First, let us look at online courses. In an online course you receive the material through your email and can complete the course at your own pace. If you have a busy lifestyle this seems to be the ideal course for you. Or, the opposite, in my case, if you have absolutely nothing going on, this course would be the quickest for you. This compromises what you retain, and what you experience with the course.

With an online course you do not get any hands on experience unless you arrange something yourself. If you are the busy type, this could be hard to do. If you are the opposite, this could be difficult because of your location, which is a problem for the busy type as well. Now, if you were to take an onsite course you would gain much, much more. You do two weeks of coursework and preparing. Then, you observe and experience hands on experience teaching. You are also learning the material in a classroom where there is available help consistently and peers to turn to in case of other problems. I see this as a huge advantage. Onsite courses offer so much more than an online course. I can see that an online course would be ideal for someone that has some experience and want to earn the certificate to give themselves a better chance at some of the more sought after areas in the TEFL world. It is also much more affordable than an onsite course.

If you are really going to go all the way and submit yourself to a new culture, a new atmosphere and a new way of life, you have to do an onsite course. Because I have only taken the online course I can only speak from experience as far as that goes. I can, on the other hand, look at what the onsite courses have to offer as compared to what I received from the online course.

Experience teaching to actual students after two weeks in to the course is just amazing. You are thrown into a new world and have to learn by experience. One of the best of learning for me is by experience.

If I were able to go back and have the chance to take an onsite course, I would definitely go for it. The onsite course has much more to offer than the online course, but the online course is still very informative and very educational. Either way, though, they both accomplish the same goal: To certify the student to teach English as a foreign language.