Options for Teachers There are many opportunities for you as

There are many opportunities for you as an ESL teacher. The options range from being employed in an English speaking country or a non English speaking country, being a volunteer in any location, being an English tutor online, to being capable of giving a fun, short lesson anywhere you go.

All over the world, it has become very important to have English language skills. For those who wish to make money, English has become a key to global business, and local tourism. The demand for English teachers is enormous especially in countries where global trade is already well established, such as Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan or where tourism is a major source of income. Even within native English speaking countries, there is a demand for English teachers to help resident foreigners with English language skills for the purposes of business or lifestyle. It is amazing as a native English speaker to have so much opportunity to teach all over the world.

We have the opportunity to teach English in a variety of establishments, as well as locations. We can volunteer our time, or choose a well paying job in an exciting location, or choose a job in a difficult location, which has problems staffing teachers. It is also important to pay attention to the differing bonuses, and payments with each program.

A survey of job postings on the internet showed that there are opportunities in Los Angeles, Oakland, Prague, Washington, a holiday resort in Japan that gives English language, as well as other ‘English’ cultural skills in an authentic recreation of a British period village, a job in Madrid to teach one-to-one lessons traveling to each lesson in the clients home or office, Moscow, Turkey, a Marine academy, Myanmar, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Italy, Ukraine, an online volunteer position to teach Afghan women, using email and a Skype system, examination preparation courses and so on. The highest wage that I saw advertised was for a private language institute in Korea, that paid 27USD an hour! An ESL teacher will also have the skills to give free English class to foreigners in their local community, which is also very rewarding.

Public schools seek ESL teachers to give kindergarten through high school English classes. The majority of the postings request native English speakers who have had teaching experience, and it is not essential that the teacher knows the native language of the area. The public schools have bonuses such as no tax deduction, and more than one location available.

Private schools seeking ESL teachers can be for children, students preparing for an important certification test, adults, and for employees of businesses. The various institutions which were seeking teachers were international trade companies, private language institutes, English camps, summer/winter camps, public schools, and private schools. The details of the jobs vary between country and program. In China most jobs offer a very competitive monthly wage, as well as housing, airfare, health insurance, and paid vacation. In Mexico the jobs posted did not offer housing or health insurance, but a reimbursement of 50% on airfare. Most programs ask for at least a six month commitment.

Apparently it seems you could pick any location in the world and find a job, teaching English. ESL teachers have an open door to an amazing cultural experience. By living in another culture for 6 months or more is an amazing opportunity to learn another language, meet new friends, learn about and better understand a culture, gain new perspective, new ways of living or doing simple daily things, and new ways of expressing yourself. All of this as well as gaining more experience and teaching skills, as well as helping students learn English or meeting their goals.


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