The role of the teacher The role of a teacher, and the

The role of a teacher, and the influence it carries, has the potential to shape and change the life experience and direction of a person perhaps second only to parenthood. A passionate and nurturing teacher can make a powerful, life-lasting impression on his or her students, which in many cases help decide their careers, hobbies, opinions and disciplinary habits. Fortunately, I have had the experience in my life of having both very uninspiring teachers, and unbelieveably wonderful teachers who definitely played a significant role in who I am, what I enjoy doing, and decisions I make today. I have learned from the uninspiring ones how not to teach, so ironically, their role in my life was nonetheless beneficial. What made the great teachers so good was their passion for their chosen subject, their unshaken confidence in me to perform that subject well, and their patience and encouragement to let me discover the passion and confidence in that subject for myself. It would be a dream come true for me to be able to touch a person´s life the way some of my teachers have touched and molded mine, which is why I chose to take this course. Fittingly, it was my great teachers who brought to life in me the desire to follow in their footsteps, and become a teacher!

I suppose there are teachers who believe that their role is nothing more than to instill certain knowledge into their students, and that it is sufficient enough to simply lecture, assign homework and give tests. The problem with this is that many times students don´t initially have their own motivation to learn a certain subject, but are in a situation where they are required to study it. If this student isn´t getting anything more from his/her teacher other than mundane lectures, homework assignments and tests, he or she will probably continue to be unmotivated, and more than likely that knowledge isn´t ever going to have the chance to be appreciated. This is where a teacher´s view of his/her role can be absolutely decisive in either completely changing that student´s attitude about the subject, or reinforcing their disinterest in it. Therefore, in my opinion, the role of a teacher is not a job that everyone is cut out to do, and is better left alone by those who don´t have a true passion and respect for its potential. I believe the role of a teacher is not just to educate, but to inspire, nurture, encourage and truly care about the students´ development.

Becoming a great teacher begins when a person finds him/herself very familiar with a certain subject, and has enjoyed the process of learning, or realizes the enormous benefit of knowing, that subject so much that he or she wants others to be able to experience that same enjoyment and benefit. A great teacher is willing to be consistently giving, patient, kind, caring, fair, fun, and creative in order to inspire others. When this is acheived, the teacher will receive unforgettable gratitude from the students, and the role of the teacher is truly realized.