Why Complete a TEFL Taking the TEFL certificate is a great

Taking the TEFL certificate is a great way of having lots of fun while doing something useful!

For those who want to teach English, it's a perfect starting point as well as a formal ackowledgment of any teaching experience you might already have. In terms of having the certificate itself, TEFL is something a lot of employers require when applying for a teaching job. It demonstrates that you are able to plan lessons, deal with different kinds of students, and teach constructively. It also shows you are committed to teaching and will be able to tackle new or unexpected situations. More experienced teachers will also benefit as the course introduces you to different teaching material, and helps a teacher realise his or her own potential. It basically equips you with the skills employers are looking for in a teacher, and makes you more confident when looking for a job.

TEFL is internationally recognised. Which means that once you've gained the certificate you are technically qualified to teach English worldwide. The demand for English teachers is high in plenty of countries, and a TEFL will make sure you get the job you want where you want. It's the perfect thing for anyone who wants to work and travel at the same time! TEFL opens up a lot of doors for a teacher, as work will enable you to meet new people and come into contact with other cultures. Its flexibility is perfect for both people who are itching to see the world, and those who want to teach in one specific country.

The courses and certificates are open to anyone from 18 years of age onwards, whose native language is English. This means it is also perfect for people who want to take a few years out travelling and doing something completely different, as well as for people who want to start a new career and adventure.

The theoretical and practical skills that you learn with TEFL are universal. This means you can adapt them to any situation while teaching. TEFL provides a teacher with the tools necessary to go out there and teach. If you take a TEFL that offers practical experience, you actually get to spend time in a real classroom and practice your teaching before you are faced with the real thing. The courses are structured so that you focus on every aspect of teaching, from grammar to classroom management to lesson planning.

As a teacher, it really challenges your existing knowledge and skills and encourages you to look beyond the standard methods and continuously test yourself and update your knowledge. TEFL makes you realise that teaching is something you learn and get better at gradually, and it gives you the confidence to take risks and to keep trying in order to get better and better.

It is also a fantastic learning experience in itself, whether you go on to teach or not. You will find that you learn a lot about dealing with people, being a leader as well as a listener, and about how to communicate with and relate to people in different ways. These are skills that will always come in useful in life, or any future job. In the end, TEFL is such a great life experience and you can only gain from taking it!