Why Complete a TEFL Course There are many rewarding reasons why an

There are many rewarding reasons why an individual would want to complete a TEFL course. Some individuals want to qualify in order to finance themselves while travelling and to enable them to experience the differing cultures first hand. Others wish to qualify in order to be able to relocate to a foreign country and have the means with which to find employment upon their arrival. There are even individuals who wish to further advance their own understanding of the English language and the TEFL course is a viable way to achieve this aim.

The demand for qualified TEFL teachers across the world has increased immeasurably and the opportunities for individuals to earn while they travel are countless in many countries. On a personal note I have studied the course in order to work when I go to Thailand later in the year. Not only does the TEFL enable me to earn money while I am there the experience will submerse me deeper into the culture and the way of life of Thai people. This will enhance the travelling experience for me and give me a greater understanding of the people of the country. The TEFL will also enable me to go to other countries in Asia and experience different cultures.

It is also possible to earn enough money while travelling to not only support yourself but also to save some money for your return to your own country. There are opportunities for qualified TEFL teachers to gain 1-1 teaching lessons with business or families which can prove more lucrative than working for a school or college. In Japan and Hong Kong, although the salaries have stayed the same over the past couple of years, an individual can earn up to 250,000Yen a month for example.

A TEFL qualification and ultimately teaching experience can further enhance an individuals career prospects upon their return to their own country. The skills learnt throughout the TEFL course can be applied to the workplace and employers are more than aware of this. People management especially is most applicable to the office environment and the TEFL teacher is constantly improving this side of their character whilst teaching.

By completing a TEFL an individual is also in the position to move to another country and live there and gain employment immediately. Not only does this provide them with an income it enables them to be in a better position to learn the native language of the country by being surrounded by the new language everyday. This also gives the individual free lessons in the new language ' while they are teaching their students, the students are teaching the teacher in the same respect.

For whatever reason an individual wishes to complete a TEFL course the rewards are varied and numerous. Not only does it enhance the travelling experience by submersing the teacher in the particular culture it also enables them to finance themselves whilst travelling. The experience gained throughout is priceless and the memories will be unforgettable.