Why Complete a TEFL Course I often dream of moving around the

I often dream of moving around the world and living in exotic locations with simple lifestyles. My conscience will not rest until this image in mind is a tangible object that I am holding in my hands. The hustle and bustle of the inner city life can be a spiritual, mental and physical drain to say the least, not to mention the negative aspects of the culture that are assaulting the innocence of our children. My heart weighs down my chest as I peer into the eyes of my offspring and imagine what darkness fate holds for them if they remain in their current situation. I was compelled to move and move with deliberation.

After talking with some friends who have common interests and objectives, I heard the term TEFL kicked around too many times to take it lightly. While I was traveling abroad, a local told me how easy it would be to make a living in their country with just two private students. The impetus to finally take the jump came when a friend of the family told us she would help us find residence in the country of her origin if we at least had some certification in teaching English. Maybe she will, maybe she won't but this chance is too great to let it pass by. My wife began to search the Internet and compare the different TEFL courses available. In the end, we decided that ITTT was the route to go.

Throughout the ITTT course I was able to recover some of the technical grammatical aspects that had become lost over the years. The course also introduced many beneficial teaching techniques and strategies that I can use in the classroom setting. I can also employ these methods when dealing with my children, family and friends while going over any subject. I would turn the world over to see it from a different angle and I am always looking for ways to increase the inner core quality of my family's life. Initially, I was only concerned with taking this course as a means to an end, to venture further out into the world and take my family along for the ride. What I found in this course was a newly sparked intrigue with the world of a language I have known all of my life coupled with new interpersonal skills that I can utilize to enhance the worlds of others. I have already started to acquire a collection of grammar related computer programs, CD's, audio books, and I am planning to obtain some grammar related video. The course has also prompted me to look more seriously into multiple intelligences, different personality types, various learning behaviors, cultural diversity and social issues and how they affect the development of my fellow human beings. The TEFL experience has become the first running steps at the outset of what I hope will become a journey of a lifetime.

I have begun the process of exploring the web in search of what I started the ITTT TEFL program for. Perusing sites like www.jobs.edufind.com, www.cactustefl.com, www.tefl.com, and the like, I see opportunities abounding in places like Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Syria, the Gulf States, even some promising places in Africa. I am excited, to say the least, obsessed with prospects that lie ahead to say the most. At this point I am ready to pack up the rowboat with family and supplies, set sail in the seven seas of opportunity and wash ashore wherever the current takes us. TEFL is a dynamic that I believe will help put the tide on our side.