Why complete a TEFL course? Completing a recognized TEFL course has

Completing a recognized TEFL course has many travel, employment, personal growth and development opportunities. Gaining this certification, creates a beginning into the focus of teaching non- English speakers, and can provide many rewarding and potentially life-changing experiences. While traveling and teaching not only is there an expectation to help others learn but the probability of learning about new cultures. The potential growth in knowledge of English grammar and learning how to teach others is challenging and rewarding.

Learning more about the English language

The TEFL course helps you increase language awareness in the rules of grammar and phonology, from parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives and verbs, to learning how to correctly form sentences. Reflecting on our past knowledge of learning English and being able to understand how our own language is used, is rewarding and challenging.

Learning methods of teaching

Learning the various roles of a teacher such as being a manager, organizer assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, facilitator, model and observer is vital to understand in order to be successful in the class room. It is also important to know when to combine these roles depending on the class activities or student requirements. While there are various aspects involved in teaching students how to communicate in English, there is the opportunity to teach about English speaking cultures. This element is a good way to inspire students to apply themselves with the infinite possibilities of travel and work. This may also empower them to consider another location that could help them for the future such as greater work credentials.

Opportunity to work and travel

As Australians who do not have legal rights to work all over the world, obtaining the TEFL course qualification is beneficial to us, as it allows us to find work in a country we normally can not. Receiving assistance with Visa requirements is also vital for us as it helps us to achieve our goal of traveling and working. Upon completion of the course we are also provided with assistance in several other areas. These include support and advice in resume' preparation, job guidance and counseling, job search, application and interview.

Opportunities to live and learn about other cultures

Not only is teaching English a fantastic way to teach students but it is amazing to know where you can find work and learn about foreign cultures. While helping other foreigners learn we also learn from them by living as part of their culture.

Opportunity to embark on new career

The ability to learn new skills and techniques such as teaching in the classroom, can help in most areas of life, such as dealing with people from all parts of the world, maintaining patience and kindness, speaking in front of large groups, and dealing with difficult situations and people. There are many ways to gain further experience in the area of teaching English by changing disciplines, age group and level. Once completing the course the TEFL on-line tutor can offer further direction for more advanced study and development.

Setting and achieving personal challenges

The course is designed to allow maximum flexibility which enables yourself to set the pace for completion. Receiving feedback from the on-line tutor is a convenient way of providing further assistance. Further assistance after completing the course by offering support for any problems in the class room is reassuring as it will be a new environment.

There are a vast amount of personal skills that we will learn while trying to be good teachers. These skills can be used in every day life such as how to motivate people to learn, maintaining a friendly and patient rapport with students. The benefits of completing a TEFL course are so abundant we would recommend it to everyone!