Why complete a TEFL course? The question shouldn´t be why

The question shouldn´t be why complete a TEFL course, but why not. After finishing my TEFL course with ITTT, I must admit that this has been a rewarding experience for me. Sure, getting a TEFL certificate looks good on a resume and may land you a better job with increased pay, but my reasons for taking part in ITTT´s program were more personal. I have always loved to travel, especially by plane. My ultimate goal before I kick the bucket is to spend a few months in Brazil teaching English to children, and to explore the Amazon while I´m there. I also wanted to develop my teaching and personal skills.

Being a family man with limited funds and time, I needed to find a way to realize my dream, and at the same time, improve myself as a person and as a teacher. Choosing ITTT has accomplished the latter . I was able to select the right TEFL course for me that didn´t break the bank, and the course was flexible enough to allow me to complete it at my own pace. My online tutor was very helpful and supportive of my efforts. Even though I couldn´t physically be inside a classroom, I was able to absorb all the material effectively as was evident from the positive feed back I received from my tutor. This particular online TEFL course is the only one that is externally moderated and accredited by IATQUO (International Association of TESOL Qualifying Organizations). This was the first thing that had caught my eye.

You may be wondering how this course could make me a better person and improve my English teaching skills. For starters, I have learned never to assume anything from people without getting to know them first. By this I mean, never place any limitations on your students without working with them first. You´d be surprised what your students can do if you try teaching from a different perspective. By taking this course, I believe I have become less judgemental and more creative in the classroom. These in turn, have helped my lessons become more interesting to teach and more beneficial for my students. I have been teaching in Japan for over six years now, and I still feel that I have room to grow as a teacher. Everyone should feel that they can always improve. Taking ITTT´s TEFL course has shown me some ways to better manage my time in class, and how to keep the lesons interesting for my students at all levels and at all stages. For example, the ESA method is a very straight-forward tool to help structure your lessons. It is a very useful framework for which to build your lessons around. Another benefit from taking this course are the sections that deal with classroom discipline. I have watched and heard other teachers yell at their students (children) as a means of regaining control of the class. I have been guilty of doing the same thing. This is counter-productive as it will only escalate the problem. You will learn better ways to handle this and other challenging situations from completing this course. Learning how to better manage your lessons and maintain control in the classroom, are invaluable and are worth the tuition by themselves.

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with my time at ITTT. I feel that my new experiences gained from the twenty lessons will aid me in my teaching and help me become a better person outside the classroom as well. What is left for me to do, is to realize my dream of going to Brazil and explore the Amazon Jungle while teaching English to the children there. By getting my TEFL certificate, I am half way in reaching that goal.

Soures: My personal experiences here in Japan and the twenty lessons from ITTT´s TEFL course. Thank you!