Why Complete a TEFL Course Why complete a TEFL course indeed. What

Why complete a TEFL course indeed. What are the mitigating circumstances that lead a person to search on the internet and to click on the link for TEFL (http://www.teflcorp.com/)' After 7 days of asking myself that question, and thinking about the reasons that drove me, I came up with the following. I don’t however; believe for a second that I have fully answered that question. I just feel as though I have touched the surface.

Somebody who is genuinely interested in teaching: Through there own decision making and the choices they have taken in their life or from other peoples experience, they may be with more maturity than previously, be feeling that teaching is something that has started to interest them. And through the power of the internet and searching for information regarding teaching and what possibilities are out there for them, they have stumbled across the TEFL Website and have decided, after reading the appropriate information, to take the plunge.

Maybe a person wants a change of career. They are sick and tired of their monotonous job; however they still possess responsibilities, loans, mortgages and credit cards to repay. Well, with TEFL it gives them the opportunity to try a new career as well as to earn a wage while doing so. And after completing the course and receiving their certificate it is always another feather to that person cap and can do absolutely no harm on that persons resume.

One of the best things that TEFL can give you is the ease at which you can travel to different parts of the world. Once you are qualified, then it is fairly straight forward to get a working visa from your new country. And the normal length of a contract is 12 months, which isn’t particularly long, and before you know it you are already planning to move to the next country. Within 4 years you’ve lived in 4 different continents; not many people can boast that sort of life experience.

TEFL is something unique and should be advertised a lot more, in my opinion, than just on the internet, as far as I am aware. It can offer a person something that maybe their own country couldn’t/can’t offer and that is the chance to save a substantial amount of money and to be given the time and the space to breath from known pressures within their life. It allows the person to take stock; of course I’m not talking about walking away and abandoning one’s responsibilities to society, but there are times and circumstances that are unique and this offers a so called ‘second’ chance to get your life back on track. I’m sure if more people knew about TEFL and the option it can offer, then I’m sure more would enrol to do the course. To feel better about yourself in learning something new; I am a realist and I don’t really believe in that answer unless a person was totally content with their life. I’ve never met anyone however, who is at one with themselves and are happy with the materialistic things that they currently own. Human nature always demands and wants more. In all honesty I thought it was a lame answer within the course material as well.

To have the opportunity to work abroad in a full time job, to interact with other people (you are now the foreigner) and to test yourself out of your comfort zone. This sort of experience is invaluable within life and in the past, it has been normally only available to those who are financially secure but now with TEFL, this experience of working and living abroad is easily available.

For me personally, I did the course because I needed more time and space to take stock of my life again. Whatever the reason is for each individual, once you’ve started the course, then it’s another certificate / qualification that you are aiming to complete and it might in the near future, give you the edge over somebody else for a job / promotion. Therefore money well spent.