Why Complete a TEFL Course If you are looking to become a teacher

If you are looking to become a teacher of a foreign language then you should ask yourself whether or not you should complete a course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

I am a teacher of a foreign language in Vietnam. I have been teaching for over a year. Until recently, I haven’t completed a TEFL course. So, I have experience in not having had a course, and now also in having taken the course. I highly recommend taking the TEFL course because it is very informative. It will help you to become aware of things that you will see and experience in the classroom. The course prepares you for the English grammar that you will be teaching. It gives you a heads up in how to spot and deal with potential discipline problems. The course teaches you how to prepare balanced lessons. The course will also provide you with a list of resources, including the information from the lessons themselves.

Even though I started work without a certificate, I know that having a certificate or degree will better help you to be able to market yourself in the world. People are eager to learn English in this age where English is the “international language.” Countries are seeking native English speakers. Having taken a course will allow countries, companies, and organizations know that you know your grammar and are equipped to understand what will take place in a classroom. They may even want to place your certificate on the wall. My school asked me for my credentials to put on the wall. Even though I have three degrees and many certificates, I had nothing to put on the wall because nothing pertained to teaching English. When a school is able to put English-related certificates on the wall, then the prestige of the school increases; it also makes you look better.

I went online to see the reasons why some companies thought that completing a TEFL course was necessary or beneficial. TEFL International states that teaching English is “a gateway to meeting new people, gaining knowledge of other cultures and languages and seeing the world.” World TEFL School states that “you will have the incredible opportunity to earn money while traveling, to immerse yourself in a foreign culture, to meet new friends, to learn a new language and to make a positive difference in the lives of people around the world.”

Some companies listed reasons that are helpful to the future of graduates. International TEFL Teacher Training (ITTT) states “You will find TEFL job opportunities throughout the world, from Spain to South Korea, Thailand to Turkey, there are literally thousands of TEFL jobs abroad for certified TEFL teachers.” The International TEFL Corporation (TITC) states the following: For an EFL teacher with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate job prospects are excellent. The huge desire to learn English in all corners of the globe has resulted in teaching possibilities in almost every country imaginable. There are openings in private language institutes, public schools, universities, business corporations, kindergartens as well as private tutoring and voluntary work.

You don’t need a certificate to teach English. However, it is beneficial to have one in order to prepare yourself for what you will experience. The students also pay money to learn from a native- English speaker; it would be nice if their teacher was equipped with an understanding of what to expect, know and do. Having a certificate will also help your future, as you prepare CVs/resumes and apply for jobs.