Why take a TEFL course. Each individual may have their own

Each individual may have their own reasons for completing a TEFL course, they may want a serious career in teaching or they may just want to fund their travels. Either way a TEFL course gives you the knowledge, skills and increased confidence to teach English. Whatever an individual’s goal, living and working in different parts of the world created valuable experience.

A lot of people may have the view that just because they are native speakers of English, they don’t see the need of taking a certificate. They should be aware however, that being a native speaker does not automatically give you the ability to teach.

A good teacher needs patience, good understanding of grammar, creativity and most importantly they should love teaching.

Taking a certificate shows a future employer that you have the skills and knowledge to make a good teacher. Not only that, it gives you an advantage over any other candidates applying for the same job who do not posses the qualification.

Teaching English as a foreign language in less developed countries especially such as those in the Far East and South America really gives the TEFL teacher the chance to make a real impact on the students’ lives, especially those who want to better their lives by going to University.

The ITTT TEFL course itself covers all the major aspects of teaching English as a foreign language. Grammar is covered in detail, as mentioned in the course, we as native speakers of the language were not taught this at school and although we use it everyday we are unaware why and how we are using it. Tackling the exercises in this unit and really focusing on the grammar sections brushed up my own understanding of grammar before even considering teaching it.

I also found this the same case in the tense system, before I took this course, my knowledge of the present continuous and the present perfect was not all that great. Taking this course and tackling the exercises has given me the knowledge, understanding and confidence to be able to teach.

Even if a prospective TEFL teacher was confident in all these areas, without taking the course, they would still probably not be aware of how to manage a class, what problems may occur, why, and how to best deal with them.

It gives tips on discipline, how to best arrange classes, how to establish rapport etc; ideas that cannot be achieved from reading a grammar book.

Lesson planning is a very useful thing for the inexperienced teacher, it s a working document, keeps the teacher on target and gives the teacher something to refer to during a lesson. Not only does this course explain how lesson plans help it tells you what should be included and gives examples of how one should look as well as creating exercises to put planning into practice. I see this as greatly valuable to a new teacher.

The CD was a unique unit of the course in that it gives the opportunity to see how lessons are conducted, both in a positive and a negative way.

One of the most beneficial aspects of taking the course was the teaching ideas it presents, from lesson warmers such as hangman to more original ideas, it has definitely made me aware of how we can use fun activities to improve teaching and learning skills, learning doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, taking this course shows just the opposite, that a fun, inspiring approach achieves the best results.