Teach English in Ganwang Zhen - Anshan Shi

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Unit 11 describes receptional skills such as reading and listenning and how to teach them.  It shows how we read and listen( for purpose or for pleasure), it describes specific skills we are using while reading or listenning such as predictive skills (guessing the contest from the headline), scanning (looking for specific information), skimming (getting the general idea of the text), detailed information (when we are reading to get detailed information on the topic we are interested in) and deduction from the text (when we deduct unknown words or phrases to be leant). Unit shows problems that could arise while teaching receptive skills such as language problems (vocabulary and understanding of the text) and ways how to solve or avoid these problems ( pre-teaching of complicated vocabulary and careful selection of the text to be used during the lesson). Teachers shoul chose the topic that will be interesting to all students, engage them and create their interest. In Unit 11 we can find example of 2 lessons for teaching receptive skills.