Teach English in Anshan Shi

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Teach English in Dafangshen Zhen, Anshan Shi
In order to create a complete and balanced skills lesson, teachers of English as a Foreign language should focus on improving the four basic language skills students need to master: reading and listening (receptive) and speaking and writing (productive)
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Teach English in DaniuZhen, Anshan Shi
In this lesson I learned that there exist terms for different skill-sets (receptive skills which involve listening and reading, and productive skills which involve speaking and writing)
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Teach English in Gushan Zhen, Anshan Shi
Reading and listening lessons are, according to my experience, always a challenge when teaching students (especially with kids): they find these lessons boring and it´s not easy to get their attention during the class
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Teach English in MuniuZhen, Anshan Shi
This unit seemed a little short compared to others however it has given me some great information and some fuel for thought for example when it mentions how written information obviously can be reread again and again where as spoken information gives the learner no time to think about and process
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