Teach English in Anding Zhen - Baicheng Shi

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This lesson demonstrated a lot of the teaching techniques we have learned so far, while also highlighting ineffective methods by contrast. In comparison between the two videos, I noticed how heavy the influence of the teacher is on the classroom and student participation. We see in the first example, a rather unprepared and intimidating teacher. With this we find the students struggling to comprehend the lessons and activities, and because of this lack of understanding and the intimidation/unfriendliness of the teacher the students are reluctant to participate. On the other hand, the second video show a more friendly teacher, who better organizes their lesson and activities. As we see, he begins with an engage activity, where they have been given a template/ example, ie "you can see__in a zoo" which is easier for the students to engage with and follow along. And with this it is easier for them to transition into the grammar lesson.