Teach English in Baicheng Shi

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Teach English in anguangzhuchang, Baicheng Shi
It was very helpful to be able to see both a positive example, as well as an example of where the teacher could have done many things differently to better instruct students
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Teach English in Baicheng Muchang, Baicheng Shi
The chapter 10 was centred around 2 videos of actual ESA classes - one of which showed a class where teacher made multiple mistakes and 2nd video where teacher made less mistakes and during which better student engagement can be seen
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Teach English in Chagan Zhen, Baicheng Shi
So far the two videos that I have watched in unit 10 and the test that I have completed after watching those videos is personally considered to be the hardest
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Teach English in Dagangzi Zhen, Baicheng Shi
In this unit after watching two videos of good and poor instruction in a real classroom I got to see the key differences in gesture and teaching that affect student performance
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Teach English in Daobao Linchang, Baicheng Shi
I have learnt how vital it is for a teacher to be prepared and have a good welcoming relationship with students as then the lesson will be successful which is ultimate objective as we want students to learn and enjoy and understand
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Teach English in Fushun Zhen, Baicheng Shi
In this section, I found that regardless of the teaching methods, the teacher’s attitude toward the students will have a profound effect on the classroom and the students
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Teach English in Guoyingyuchang, Baicheng Shi
It was easy to know which of the videos was the error filled lesson pretty immediately, the teacher came in seemingly late, and started off the lesson by throwing out a difficult vocabulary word without any context and asking for examples, and throughout uses difficult words
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