Teach English in Beigang Zhen - Baishan Shi

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The two lessons in the video are quite different .the teacher in lesson one starts the lesson without defining the concept, thereby making the students to be confused, he further stressed that the topic was easy .In this case students will feel intimidated and did not participate for fear of making mistakes .Also , the teacher reading a book while the students are doing their work is faulty. The teacher is lesson one ,speaks more thereby depriving the students time of participating .He mixes everything study in engage stage , engage stage in study stage .while in lesson Two The teacher links the study activity to the activate activity by defining the modal auxiliary verb can and can’t in the Study phase and then allowing the students to use the concept in a creative manner in the Activate phase, The teacher smiles in the second lesson making the students to be confident and comfortable. Also, he learns the students’ names and involves all of the students in the lesson. The teacher speaks more slowly and clearly in the second lesson. He uses gestures and miming, thereby helping the students to produce more vocabulary.