Teach English in Hongtuya Zhen - Baishan Shi

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There are two contrasting video classes in this lesson.It shows me two examples of ESA demonstration class.In the first lesson,it’s a wrong demonstration of a class.The teacher makes many errors.For example,he doesn’t make an engage phase,he doesn’t elicit students,he doesn’t give any clear explanations and correct instructions during the study phase,the activate activity is confused and messy etc .It ends up with nothing.What’s worse,the teacher in the first class has bad manners.He doesn’t know the name of each student so he only asks the student whose name he knows.He shows puzzled look and impatience when students can’t answer questions.He points at students when he asks them to answer questions ,and he never smiles etc.In a word,the teacher is not being well organized and teaching in a wrong way.By contrast,in the second lesson,the teacher makes good use of the skills of ESA methods,combining with effective skills of managing lesson,like having a nicer voice, writing on the board before the class,establishing rapport with students and so on.It’s a good example to show me a lesson which has the knowledge of the ESA methods,managing lesson techniques ,how to teaching a new language and lesson planning applied well.It’s a comprehensive lesson of the previous units.Thanks.