Teach English in Huashan Zhen - Baishan Shi

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As the teacher didn't plan the first lesson. He had so many problems.He didn't know how much time he would give to the students for doing worksheets. When giving feedback on oral,the teacher made negative commends in the first video.But the teacher gave positive feedback saying ''marvelous''in the second video.During the engage and activate stages the teacher is supposed to encourage as much communication as possible, but in the first video the teacher interrupts students' conversations at the activate stage.While the students was making exercises on worksheet,the teacher looked his mobile phone in the first video. This behaviour is not acceptable.He should have monitored the students at this situation. In the first video the teacher didn't know how many student are there in the classroom.He didn't know students'names. The teacher points at the students.But ın the second video he knew the students name but he insistly ask question to the same student.