Teach English in Lushuihe Zhen - Baishan Shi

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After viewing both videos on ESA demonstration, lesson 2 is certainly a better demonstration of the appropriate attitude a teacher should have. In video number one, I would for sure feel intimated and uninterested to answer questions as the teacher did not appear to be much welcoming. Occasionally, he kept saying “very easy” that if I gave the incorrect answer, I would feel embarrassed since I would have made such a "very easy" mistake. At the same time, he was rude towards the students who arrived late without even considering that they could have been late from school. Students were embarrassed once they entered the classroom, which obviously wasn't a good start. It would be impossible to build rapport between students and the teacher in video 1. When he practiced the pronunciation of the word "can't," he did not explain the difference between the U.K./the U.S. pronunciations of the word "can't." On the contrary, the teacher in version 2 smiles a lot, which provides a more comfortable attitude for students to feel supported and welcomed to learn.