Teach English in Qidaojiang Zhen - Baishan Shi

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This video lesson seems quite informative and useful to learn about teaching. Comparing bad and good lesson makes me be more understandable about what is important in the classroom. The role of teacher, his or her attitude and even a small gesture have a strong influence in the class. The lesson plan also has to be quite well organized for smooth lesson flow. I can feel student’s uncomfortable tension and confusion in the first video and I can see the teacher’s inappropriate attitude makes his students feel intimidated and afraid of speaking their own answers. Also, at the beginning of the lesson, engage stage is really crucial for students to be familiar with the concepts and feel warmer before getting into the study stage. I really felt a lot when comparing these two videos and for sure, it gives a guide for me to organize my own class. But, in my opinion, if there are written materials showing the overall contents about the videos, it might be more instructive and helpful for understanding in detail.