Teach English in XilAmuren Zhen - Baotou Shi

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As a full time teacher to young learners, I am able to see not only how I play a role in their lives, but how their parents participate as well. Every child relies on learning from the people around them. How to walk, speak, and interact all comes from watching the people who they experience in their life. In the earlier stages of childhood, it is very important to give children the care and attention they need to be able to grow into their own personalities. As a teacher I have seen the many sides of how parents influence their children and how they respond to the world. Within my 2 and half year-old classroom I have witnessed first time and experience parents. The way a child’s home life functions can determine how a child reacts to a classroom. For example, I had a student who was too afraid to do crafts that involved getting dirty. I asked parents if they allowed him to paint or do crafts, and their response was no they did not. I suggested that they start allowing him to play more with his hands so he could get use to the idea of being messy because mommy and daddy were allowing him to. The parents responded with buying him play dough and paint and now my student feels safer and more excited to do crafts within the classroom. This showed me how parents play a key role in how their child responses within the classroom. Another example I have experienced is unfortunately a harder situation to handle. I have first time parents that have given their child everything he has ever wanted. At 2 and half years old they still spoon feed their son soft baby food. Unfortunately, this has placed a harder adjustment on the student who comes into an environment who has to learn structure, rules, and self-sufficient lifestyle. The student has been having difficulties adjusting for months because what is practiced in school is also not practiced at home. That child is now being pushed back and developing slower than an average student. However, even though this has been a difficult situation to face, the parents have been responding in trying to find ways to help their child. Together, the parents and I work together to understand how we can best help the child. We communicate back and forth to understand what triggers the child and how we can avoid harder situations for everyone. Parents and teachers are the two biggest inspirations within a learner. It is important for parents and teachers to be on the same side and act accordingly to help the child to grow into the best they can be. Their will always be ups and downs to face, but parents are the ones who we love and look to for guidance. With a little love and discipline, learners of all ages will be able to accomplish goals both inside the classroom and outside in the real world, all thanks to their main heroes: the parents.