Teach English in BAyangAole Zhen - Bayannao'er Shi — Bayan Nur

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Teaching English is a deep and complex process which involves a lot of efforts from both teachers and students. In most cases this process is restricted to certain places which are called classrooms. Students are used to studying in particular rooms with all the necessary equipment: whiteboards, desks, chairs, laptops and, of course, their course books. But is it the only option that can be provided for students? Definitely not. If we leave our classrooms we may find a lot activities that can be used for teaching and studying English. Outdoor recreation or outdoor activity refers to recreation engaged in out of doors, most commonly in natural settings. They are such activities as hiking, skiing, sightseeing, excursions and so on. Outdoor recreation may be unbelievably useful and interesting for studying English. Firstly, it is known that ability to master English depends on practicing it in real-life situations. So if students are always class-limited, their fluency may suffer. Also, there is a question of motivation. What sounds better: English lesson at school or English lesson at the park? I think the second places wins. Students will feel encouraged to try something new and their motivation will grow. There are a lot of outdoor activities that teachers can use when teaching English. When choosing a particular activity, a teacher should pay attention to the following factors: age of students (young or adult learners), their interests, their level of English, topic of a lesson and even the weather conditions. Now I wan to discuss several outdoor activities which may be helpful. The first one is an excursion around your city or town. A teacher and students walk around some famous and interesting place in their town and tell each other stories about monuments, building they come across. Before this activity, students and their teacher should divide places between each other and prepare some information to tell. This activity will be useful for both adults and children starting from level A2. It will develop their ability to speak. Also, while preparing they may study new vocabulary. One more outdoor activity is connected with sports. Students can choose some games, learn rules in English and play these games together just using English. It will help to develop their communicative skills and knowledge in the sphere of sports. Also it may be fun, especially if students are interested in sports. In addition, there is one activity that personally I love a lot. Outdoor picnic. It gives students possibility to combine a lot of English skills and to practice them. Firstly, they will practice using vocabulary on topics “food” and “cooking”, secondly there will be a possibility to speak about various topics and thirdly, one may bring some board games, or flash-card games and it will also be a great option to practice different aspects of English. This type of activity is more suitable students who are at secondary or high school, or adults. Their level may vary. To sum it up, I must say that outdoor activities will have a positive impact on the teaching process and will make your lessons more interesting for students. So if you have a possibility to conduct such lessons, try to use it.