Teach English in BAyannaoershidashetai Muchang - Bayannao'er Shi — Bayan Nur

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English is the most widely known and spoken language across the globe. It is an international language of communication for various commerces, finances, and industries throughout the world. Thus, in a globally competitive environment, it is very important for non-native English speakers to study Business English which helps them in interacting with people from different parts of the world. Nowadays we see that almost all the information that is communicated throughout the world for example- mails, radio, the internet, etc we find it in English. It is undoubtedly the most popular language spoken for commercial use. For any company or business to grow worldwide, it needs to make use of a widely known language such as English to make their target customers understand the business and the company's profile. Making use of good English is not only limited to the stakeholders involved in the business but also involves the staff and the employees. EFL Business English is a specialized course for those non-native speakers of English who want to develop their English language skills to interact with their prospective international customers. The course not only enhances the appropriate grammatical usage if language but also the business vocabulary required by employers for their day to day interactions such as email writing, giving international presentations, markering the business outside their native country. The language they use stands to be a very crucial factor representing the company's profile between the global business sectors. With the new and new competition in the marketplace, it is important to upgrade the English language communication skills for anyone and stand strong within the market. It helps an individual to represent himself and the company in a better wat. The EFL courses offered worldwide cater to such individual and business demands of different employes in the company. The courses are offered at various levels such a one to one, group, school alike group to group the learners of the English language. Many people throughout the world are taking advantage of such courses to upgrade skills such as productive and receptive skills, which bring benefits to themselves and the business they are involved in. The ‘need analysis’ approach of the EFL methodology helps such learners to express their requirements and interests in a better way, Hence such Business English classes can bring benefits to the adults in a workplace or business. The courses offer an evaluation to the students several times during the course. The mid-course evaluation provides students a checkpoint or feedback to know and understand if they are really progressing with the English language understanding. This also helps the EFL teachers to plan the lesson materials for future lessons in a better way. Another benefit these classes can bring the students is the availability of the authentic materials shared by the teachers for practice. This involves the teacher making use of some official business documents of the company, past email, fax etc which will help business English students to relate better and apply their newly learnt vocabulary and grammar in a better way. Learning Business English will not only help an individual in his current business or workplace but allow ll help him in case he plans to work and live abroad in the future, in an English speaking country such as the UK or the USA.