Teach English in LangshAn Zhen - Bayannao'er Shi — Bayan Nur

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As a teacher of twelve years, I have seen the importance of classroom management. I have had to work as an assistant with a teacher that I did not agree with their management skills, but had to go along with it while slipping my form of management in when I could to diffuse situations. Classroom management can make or break learning in the classroom. If you are too relaxed and let the students have too much control then they are not going to receive the proper education that they need to be successful outside the classroom. If it is too strict of a classroom and the teacher has no form of rapport with the students, then they will have major discipline problems and lack of participation, because the students hate being in there. It is vital to have a balance. My students know I'm strict and will not put up with messing around, but they also know I care about them and will be there for them. I also make sure to insert jokes and have fun with them. However if they start to get out of control they know I will stop the activity. I have been around teachers who are so strict that many kids don't want to take their class, but their parents make them because they want their child to have a teacher that difficult. I have also seen where kids have had to be transferred out of that teacher's classroom because they were not doing well with their teaching style. I have been around teachers, that have had no control whatsoever. There was one year that during the last hour of the day I was sent into that teachers classroom to get it back under control while the teacher was coaching basketball, because none of the teacher aides could do it. The kids ignored them and were mean to the aides. Once I walked in they knew they were done with that game. I had them sitting and working on their assignments. The principal walked in amazed that this class could actually be quiet and follow rules. The students know what they can get by with their teachers. Teaching English to foreign students will need a structured classroom so they don't miss out on important aspects of the language. You can play games, sing songs, or whatever activities you want to get them motivated. You just need to make sure everything stays in control. How a classroom is set up is also important in management. If you have it set up in a way that they can't see the board, or if you have students that are together that enjoy talking to one another it is going to make teaching difficult. It's ok to change it around for various activities, but who you place where will make the difference in management. For example, when my percussionist set up for class, and they set their stands up to where it faces away from me. They know I'm going to say something, because they won't be able to see me directing and then they will get off on their beats. They know there will also be a consequence if they continually set it up incorrectly. The students need to know your rules and expectations. They must be clear and easy to follow. If you have too many rules they won't be able to remember them. This is another way for you to begin having issues. If you want to make your class run smoothly, you must have clear rules, hold to your rules, yet don't be so strict that they hate being there, a welcoming classroom, have good rapport with everyone, and don't be afraid to have a little fun.