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I find this topic very interesting, because I believe that there is no “standard formula” for success in teaching, or in any field for that matter. To put things in context, I am a new to this field of teaching, and you may find it quite odd that I have chosen this topic. I will be approaching this essay differently in a way that I will be outlining what I have learned on these courses that can contribute to building a successful career. I then consider my essay to be more hypothetical and theoretical rather than a retrospective view of what has been tried and tested as I offer no such experience. Nevertheless, the course seems to outline a logical path to take to achieve success in this profession. To start off on the right foot, as with any endeavour, one needs to do research. Research on the industry trends like the job demand, ongoing pay rates and career opportunities, is the best way to make sure that you are well equipped to make an informed decision. You also need to research on the company that you want to work for, including any possible employers. You also need to research on the possible locations or places of work that you may be assigned to, the culture, transportation, amenities, cost of living and the local economy. You may also want to consider looking for any reviews by both customers and employees of the company to get an idea of the corporate culture as you will be spending at least 40 hours a week in that environment. Though there is only so much that you can find out about the company and the environment, it is always best not to go in blind. And when you think you have covered mostly everything, then prepare to make the jump. It is best to have money on hand or in the bank for any emergencies. You should have at least 6 month worth of living expenses to allot for a time that you may lose that income for any reason in he future. And once you have started your employment, make sure to always take every opportunity to improve your practice by constantly upskilling yourself and learning new practices. Take any certificates that can raise your qualifications so you can apply for any job promotions that will open in the future. As I have said in the beginning, there is no “standard formula for success”. As with any endeavour, all we can do is to make sure to practice due diligence in making sure we exhaust all our efforts in reducing the chance of failure. In any case, you should love what you do and enjoy the journey. Be critical of your decisions but make sure you are always present to enjoy and savour every moment and to not be too caught up in anticipating the next steps to take. It is often said that it is more about the journey rather that the destination. Success is measured differently for any individual that there can be no one standard of being a successful teacher.