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Not everyone has an opportunity to get a high quality education, but more and more people are getting access to the Internet and that can lead to globalization. My personal view is that online education allows people to become relevant in the question of learning and getting skills. In the next paragraph I will explain my point of view. We will analyze two equivalent but different in their content cases. To begin with I will admit that globalization in education is a flow of investment, people, and information in process of integration, which allows people all over the world to get the same knowledge, no matter if their school has an opportunity to provide it. People today can get a worldwide standard certification from anywhere just with access to the Internet, where we have online self-study or tutored courses, personal coach services and possibility to buy various specialized literature. For example, a friend of mine, who lives in India, where not everyone get an opportunity to study in a university, took a digital design online course by Art Academy of California. I mean, studying from another country he learnt necessary programming language, got understanding in management and even improved his drawing skills. Today he’s a chief of his own agency and get offers from leading brands from USA and Europe. Meanwhile that probably could be a difficult and much longer way for a certain person of the Third World countries studying offline only. Furthermore let’s talk about the students with disabilities, who are also were complicated to get a proper education, because of lack of appropriate school accessibility or personal difficulties. Again, anyone can get globally recognized level of education online. Here comes the example of my personal experience, when I was teaching on remote. My student after a car accident can’t attend his school because of physical defects and lack of motivation. But he is a young technologically skilled guy. So as a typical teenager he is interested in up-to-dated technical achievements. He found it more attractive to learn English online without attending the school, where his classmates bullied him. Moreover using modern technical devices in the process of studying extremely motivated him because of the feeling of getting closer to the current worldwide level of opportunities while the others are getting old-fashioned education at their desks. As a result, studying online from home in a comfortable atmosphere brought our student to the same grade as the best ones in his class got at the final exams. To sum it up, I strongly believe that online education is a source of globalization. We all have access to the same media and knowledge that scattered across the network. The information in world web is being filtered everyday, we are opening the most popular pages and read the most known books, we have found the ways to extract needed data. Children, teenagers and adults all over the world can get any globally recognized education from anywhere, just with access to the Internet. Clearly, sooner or later we will have the same materials to learn and the same exams to pass, which will make a person a citizen of humanity.