Teach English in TiAnjitai Zhen - Bayannao'er Shi — Bayan Nur

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Lesson plans are the single most important material in teaching English, if not in any kind of teaching in General. Lesson plans are a formal document outlining all the aspects of a class session in detail. From the teacher’s personal aims, Student learner objectives, class level, possible challenges, proposed solutions, detailed activities, time schedule, participants, location, materials used, and the procedures to conduct the activities, literally everything that is involved in that class is documented in the lesson plan. Lesson plans need not follow a specific format but should contain all the pertinent details of conducting the class. In making a lesson plan, one should always refer to the course syllabus. To start with, you should identify the total duration of the course and divide them into one hour class sessions. From the total number of hours, we should allocate one session to the introductory class or as an icebreaker to start building rapport, one other session as a review class just before the end of the course, and a one-hour session for final evaluation to measure the student performance and efficiency of the class. After setting these sessions aside we can now begin to plot the remaining bulk of hours and assign specific topics to each session. These sessions may be in order to follow the progressive arrangement of topics contained in the syllabus. Looking at the individual sessions, we should then start identifying the specific details of how the class will be conducted and what we want to get out of the class or class objectives. Each lesson plan should aim towards accomplishing the class objectives. Because accomplishing the class objectives means that the teacher can confidently progress the class to the nest session and thus ensure that there is actual learning development. It is also vital to have a list of teaching resources and materials that you can mix and match to suit the class session. Keep in mind that the materials and activities chosen should serve to facilitate the lesson and not be a distraction. Lesson plans should b made with the whole syllabus in mind where planning each session should consider the sessions before and after it. In, my opinion, it should be planned collectively but conducted uniquely from each other. Another trait of a properly made lesson plan is it should easily be endorsed to another teacher. In the event that you or the main teacher is sick or absent, the substitute should easily be able to take over the class by just referring to the lesson plan. This is the reason why the lesson plans are as detailed as they are. It does not allow for any deviation but it is flexible enough to adjust to any unforeseen challenges that can arise. The lesson plans also serve as a way to document what has gone on in a class. It is ideal that when a course has finished, the teacher can review the lesson plans collectively then come up with a progress report of how the class was performing and how successful was the implementation. In doing this, we as teachers can ensure that we make the necessary adjustments to improve the syllabus and individual sessions for the next classes.