Teach English in Xixiaozhao Zhen - Bayannao'er Shi — Bayan Nur

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The first activity for teachig grammar is warm - up. This part to help students get more energy and power to get ready to start their new lesson. In this Warm-up part, teacher can use some songs or some questions to make students brainstorm. Example : Teacher will give the students the list of picture and ask the students : What did you see ? Let student some minutes to remember the words correctly and the places of those words. Who can remember all the places and the words will get the high score. Next, they can also shopping list game to review the vocabularies and sentences : Tell the students sits in a circle and say together aboout the list words. After that, teacher will combine the sentence then ask the students repeat after that. Example : I go shopping and I buy some sugar. I go shopping and I buy some sugar and milk. I go shopping and I buy some sugar and milk and an applle. When teaching grammar to students for young-leaners about 5 years old to ten years old., teacher must remember somethings - The young-learners or children can remember the new knowledge unbelievable. - The young-leaners or children they need to be encouraged . - The young-learners or children can not only learn from teacher 's teaching but also by their 5 senses. - The best ways to make the young-leaners or children are music, dance, activties, practical situation. - The young - learners or children they can use the language before they understand about the meaning, - The young-learners seldom to make questions but they always pretend to understand that. - The young - learners or children should not focus too much about grammar because their ages so young, they cannot remember and understand correctly and easy confused. -Also, the young-learners or children easy to feel bored, teacher should active and flexible, always have diversty situations. Teacher should teaching and modelling for students. First, Teach students the sentence or the grammar. Example : What do you like ? I like apples/ But when teacher teach the gramma for young-leaners or children, should only 1 structure for that lesson to let them remember deeply. Exspecially for 2-6 years old. After teaching the gram, teacher should write that structure or grammar or sentence on the board. The teacher reads three times and tell students repeat three times too. Next, Practice part . Teacher devides class in some pairs, let them work in pairs and take turn to read in pairs. Then teacher devides class into two groups, 1 is group boys and 1 is group girls. The students take turn and role-play. Example : one is Lion, one is Frog. Finally, practical application part. Students make a big circle and in that circle then teacher ask the students in the left side and the students in the right side answer. Take turn to the last sudent each side. One student stands and ask the question then that student will run around the circle and choose the person to answer. after that student answer, he or she will run and chase the first person who asked them. Then take turn until the last student. Teaching grammar for students is very important. Let the students know how to use that structure for each circumtance and about the meaning of that grammar.