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Family, in general, has a main role in affecting a child's early childhood, growth, development, and most importantly education. More specifically; the parent-child relationship is very important because the child spends most of his time with his parents, and while many factors affect the child's education, the learning environment at home and parents' attitude toward education contributes most to shaping his development. The child's learning process begins at home and the early years are a good opportunity for parents to build a solid educational phase that can lead to proper education. At the same time, the Parents' role in education is also affected by many very important factors. Speaking of which, parents cultural background has huge effect on that role, as children are a reflection of the culture of parents, for example; Chinese students are known to dedicate a lot of time for studying , this explains Chinese parents commitment toward spending more money on private schooling, online education, education abroad and even providing financial support for postgraduate studies. Another factor is parents' financial state, wealthy parents can have a positive or negative impact on their children's attitude toward education. For example, some wealthy families invest a lot of money on their children's education to achieve better results, also a good financial state can lead to prioritizing children education and educational needs, oppositely from financial stresses which can lead to prioritizing other responsibilities over kids' education. On the other hand; some families might reinforce the idea of the importance of running the family business over the spending of many years in education which might impact the children's attitude toward education and many other things in life in general negatively. In addition to all of these factors; an important one is the parent's educational level; it can affect parents' realization of the importance of education as well as them being more conscious about their role in improving the educational process of their children. As many sides of this topic are discussed above, many responsibilities are listed below to gain a full perspective of the positive role of parents in education; which is : • Carefully watching out the messages or words addressed to their children intentionally and unintentionally about school and learning, from these messages children conclude that the school is important or not, and then know how much effort needed to be made. • As the teaching process is not just the responsibility of the teacher at school, parents should show a lot of attention and follow up their children study at home to reinforce the absorption of information studied at the classes. In addition to trying improving receptive skills, making sure all the assignments are done on time and be informed about exam times and results. • Encouraging children to put more effort and focus on studying by following healthy methods to reward and motivate them. • Providing a healthy atmosphere at home to keep the kids psychologically relaxed and try not to involve them in family issues and conflicts because this can distract them and keep them always stressed and not paying attention at school. • Providing an encouraging learning environment at home to make the learning process more fun and joyful, and always taking care of their course books and study materials. • Following the right correction technique without offending their children while studying. • Communicate with the teachers periodically to ensure that their children behave properly toward learning as always the teacher have an eye that can conclude a lot. • Parents should not keep their children stressed about school all the time they should provide them with fun educational and non-educational activities that would make them always encouraged. • Parents who are keen to attend school events and volunteer in their activities makes their child realize that they look at the school with special importance, which means that they correspond to his interest in school and provide commitment of equal time and energy. Finally, all of these factors discussed cooperate to play an important role in education, parents should put into consideration the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with their kids by always being open and honest with them, and believe the huge effect they have on their children attitude toward education and always trying to have the positive role.