Teach English in CAnggang Zhen - Changde Shi

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Introduction: The teaching and learning process in an EFL kindergarten class is very important due to the ages of the students involved.The kindergarten age which ranges from ages 3 to 7 which is the early childhood learning process.The heart of the child lies the learning process because they can easily learn or adapt to the language which is processed for them.The children can easily grasp any language they hear and begin to learn how to speak them.For example to the young students of English language is of outmost value and they can easily adapt to what teacher tells them or what they are thought by the teacher than the adult students who have no formal knowledge of English language.Children learn new words concepts and various method to express themselves.So the children at the kindergarten classes are the foundation of the child learning process of English language in an EFL kindergarten class.On the other hand,as a kindergarten teacher it takes a special person to be able to teach the kindergarten class.The reason is you have to strike a balance between patience and being strict.If you are too patient you can't be able to control a class of 15 to 20 overexcited 4 year old kids.And if you are too strict, the children will be afraid of you and won't want to participate in the classroom activities which will result to frustration on the part of the teacher and the students in general. Methodology: The kindergarten class is the first time most children are exposed to classroom activities and environment.Based on this concept, teachers in the EFL kindergarten class use different teaching methods to ensure that each student is learning what he/she needs to know in the learning process.The same teaching methods are designed to help students who Excel, remain challenged as well as to help students who are slow in learning process to catch up, because of the wide range of instructional strategies that is Incorporated in the teaching process. The whole group system can be adopted by the teacher to teach the entire class at the same time which can be referred to as the direct instructions.This occurs through a variety of activities such as Read aloud and demonstrate.Take for example when the teaching the phonetic alphabets,A B C D, which is the rudiments of teaching and learning process for the children of EFL kindergarten class.Which have to do with the basic concept of learning letter word and sounds.A B C D. It also includes the students led demonstration such as show and tell the alphabetic words. Also the teacher can adopt the small group instructions which the teacher assign a whole group activity such as coloring, completing a workbook page.This is often done with reading because of the range in the ability of the students, that is from not been able to read at all to being an accelerated reader.It help the teacher to meet the needs of the students that is performing well.Another method of teaching the kids is individualized instructions which is known as one on one instructions, because of the range in the academic ability individualized instructions is used in the EFL kindergarten class.The one on one approach can be used to teach the struggling students,this focused attention can make the students catch up with their peers.It also good if the child read out aloud to assess the level of understanding of each student.The last methodological approach as an EFL kindergarten teacher which I will adopt is the different instructions which entails the use of different learning tools, such as books, tape recording and hand on materials to teach the kids. In conclusion teaching EFL kindergarten class is exciting and fun too.As an EFL kindergarten teacher I will have to add fun to the teaching activities of the students because in the absence of that,the classroom activities will be boring and the children will not be able to flow with the learning process of English language and in the EFL kindergarten class..So games and other exciting activities is used to draw the attention of the children for maximum results in teaching the kindergarten classes.which is the foundation of the learning process in the EFL kindergarten.