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The education system and teaching are changing quickly. Besides, the education system is changing the role of the teacher.it used to be teacher-centred in the past, but now it is student-centred. These chopping and changing affects teacher's achievement and failure. A teacher should be friendly, willing, excited, patient, job oriented, neat and disciplined. Besides a teacher's personal qualities, there are roles of a teacher to provide efficient classroom management. These roles are manager-controller, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, resource, model and monitor. We will see how important the role of a teacher is in the classroom. The teacher, as a manager-controller, brings students under control to teach a lesson effectively in the classroom and carry out activities. Without having the manager-controller role, the teacher can't teach a lesson effectively. Meanwhile, the teacher can’t yell at students keep them under control, so the teacher shouldn't shout at them and be patient. Otherwise, the role of the teacher would affect students negatively. Next, the teacher, as assessor gives feedback and makes corrections in English. For example, while students speak English, the teacher shouldn't correct them directly. Otherwise. This approach instills in students the fear of making a mistake. Also, it has a negative effect on their mind and the influence can be quite dangerous. Therefore, the teacher should allow the students to correct each other, or if they can't correct each other, the teacher should encourage them to learn correct pronunciation. We see that feedback has got negative and positive effects. If they take positive feedback during the lesson, they are motivated to learn more. The teacher should give a clue or remind the students of doing activities, because they, not being native speaker of English, can't understand it very well. if the teacher asks students or encourage them to watch a short, they will be able to comprehend the lesson better. In contrast, the teacher should help them as a tutor during individual, pair or group work. Above all, the teacher is a real utilizable source to students who benefit from his/her speech, pronunciation, English grammar knowledge and vocabulary.Teacher becomes a role model in students' eyes. The students don't take a disliked person as a model. The teacher always watches in the classroom as a monitor to evaluate the students better during activities, oral communication and the interaction between students. In conclusion, we can see the teacher as the third parent for a teacher has got all of the qualities of any parent such as prompter, manager, tutor, model etc. In the meantime, these roles contribute to the students' personality formation because the students want to identify themselves. Moreover, some of them want to be like him/her in the future. An experienced teacher knows what's what and impresses the student with gestures, mimics and voice. The role of the teacher may affect students negatively or positively on students and, this depends on the teacher. Even if it seems impossible to be perfect in all of the roles, it is possible to balance. There is no doubt that every teacher wants to make the best of everything to teach the students. References B a l c ı . A .(1988). " E t k i l i Okul". E ğ i t i m ve Bilim. 12. 70:21-30. Ausubel. P.David and Floyd G.(1969). Scool L e a r n i ı ı g . Holt. Rinehart and Winston ine. Mann. M and Taylore-Knowles.S.(2007). DestinationC1/C2 Grammar and Vocabulary.Macmillan Education. Murphy.R.(2004). English Grammar in Use.Cambridge: Cambridge university press. Hewings.M.(2013).Advanced Grammar in Use(third ed.) .Cambirdge: Cambirdge universty press. Blase, J., & Blase, J. (2006). Teachers bringing out the best in teachers: A guide to peer consultation for administrators and teachers. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.