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A global language, is a language spoken internationally, which is learned by many people as a second language, the most popular one being English. A wide range of the lexical units in the English language were taken from German, Latin, French and other European countries. A large portion of the word borrowing uses as main source the French language justifying English language affinity for foreign words as well as mixed vocabulary. Crystal D. (2003: 7-10) argues that Languages have a strong relation between dominance and cultural power. The main reason that the languages exist is because of a strong power-base, political and military or economic. Nowadays, English is widely used around the world, it is used as a global language. After finish this course, I think English has a lot of advantages. It should be taught carefully for the learner because of its importance role. First of all, English is the dominant language of technology, science and international business. I mean that, if students have their own vast knowledge but they do not know how to talk out in English, they may lose their opportunities. English is a very effective language, that it is proved by the many native and non-native speakers all over the world. According to David Crystal (2003) “Statistics suggest that nearly a quarter of the world’s population is already fluent or content in English”. For example, Chinese has more native speakers, however it is a more complicated language in terms of grammar, verbs, meaning of the words, etc. However, some linguists have different points of view as to weather a language becoming global depends on the number of people speaking it . Crystal D. (2002: 7-10) claims that ”Why a language becomes a global language has little to do with the number of people who speak it”. Furthermore, English can help one to express various meanings. That is happening because English language not only has a lot of words with different meanings but also has various different types of syntax which help the speakers to be more accurate and to give more emphasis to a particular point if it is needed. Another interesting point is that the writing of English language is simple. There are even languages that have hundreds of letters in their alphabets that could have a different meaning when pronounced differently, like Chinese. The Roman alphabet is considered to be very easy to learn and surely much easier than the Chinese writing system which is very difficult for most people. Moreover, the Roman alphabet in English language is very phonetic, rather than character based, hence it can help to describe the actual sounds of words or phrases. Moreover, a lot of books and journals are published in English. For example, you love reading books or novels, and Harry Potter is a must-read novel. However, you have a big problem in understanding English. Thus, you have to wait until this book is translated in your language. It will waste a lots of time. Learning English carefully can help you overcome your problem. In addition,a large number of international business meetings are regularly held in English. Imagine that you are a famous businessman, you will be invited to an important meeting, but you can not comprehend what the lecturers want to talk about. Hence, you throw your contract far away from your reach. Last but not least, the ability to speak English is a necessary skill in the modern world. It is as significant as your your professional ability. To explain for this, using English as a second language integrates us into the developed world. We can go abroad without disorientation. In conclusion, learning English now becomes a trend of the young people. They know that, work without English causes they lose their opportunities. People who believe that the future status of English as a global language is assured think so because, they say, English is already a dominant language now. Though it’s true, I believe it is important to understand how English, rather than Russian, Japanese or any other language, achieved its current position.