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People has always tried to stay together, be it an alliance between countries against a common enemy, a family to keep the bloodline going or a few strangers in a pub on Friday evening. And to keep the allies together, to pass the ideas to descendants or to discuss the football match that ended a few hours ago people need a common language. A language that can be used for all participants, a language that includes all general ideas, a language that can be learned at any age in reasonable amount of time. And a language that allows people to transfer their ideas quickly. Until the last 25-30 years the world has been mostly nuclear in nature, divided in different alliances separated by physical and cultural distances. Only presidents or other people with high position in society could speak to each-other from different parts of the Earth in real time. Now, at the end of the second decade of the 21-st century almost every one can access any information and speak to anyone no matter where they are with the help of technologies. Free access to modern technologies allows people from different countries to communicate instantly without necessity to wait for weeks or even months for a letters travel across the distance. So a necessity for a common international language now is more pressing. And English should be that common international language, that bridge for a number of reasons. This first reason is the number of countries in which English is an official language. With the breakup of the British Empire we now have more than 50 countries where English is the first or second official language. Another reason is terms and dependencies on science, IT and other spheres of life what greatly impact our well-being. Also there is a business sphere - a great number of global companies has their headquarter or head office located in the US. The fourth reason is simplicity. Some languages such as Russian are synthetic hence the rules for word creation are too complex with a great number of variants of the same word or a single notion described by multiple words while other languages use hieroglyphs that increase complexity even more. English is an analytical language with alphabet that partially coincides with alphabets of other languages. As a result students won`t have to study the whole alphabet from scratch. And as a final reason, a great part of a pop culture and literature masterpiece is produced in English increasing its popularity. All those aspects make it possible to create a certain layer in human society what includes and unites people from different countries and with varying backgrounds and allow to have a common themes for discussions and a set of notions that can be used as a basis for communication. Teachers that spread the knowledge of English language allow that layer to exist and to people to stay together. It is up to English teachers to make sure that people can understand each other for international communications to exist.