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Classroom management is a series of techniques, skills and activities teachers put in place to ensure that lessons are properly delivered, students are well organized, focused, and pay proper attention to lessons in order to yield academically good results. Mostly, effective teachers tend to have good classroom management techniques while non effective teachers have poor management skills which results in students who do not paying attention in class. When classroom management techniques are carried out effectively, teachers are able to do away with characters that obstruct learning process. Considering classroom arrangement methods, it is necessary to do this in the beginning of every in every new teaching year. Some of the items to be taken into account are; how to place teacher’s desk, student’s desk and whether to use seating arrangement charts or not. Teacher’s desk is normally placed on the front corner side of the class. However, nothing shows that this is the way it should be done. This have an advantage which is teachers get a clearer view of every student and he or she is able to monitor what everyone does. The disadvantage aspect of it is that, students who are less motivated choose to sit on the back seats to avoid direct questions from teachers. Teacher’s seats can also be place at the back of the class. This allows less motivated students easy access to the teacher by avoiding being in front of the class. Students’ desks can be arranged in a straight line which allows easy walking through the columns and rows by the teacher. This is the normal way of setting up students desks in majority of schools although this may have a negative influence on collaborative works. Desks can also be arranged in a circular manner but this prevents the use of board and provides a better avenue for collaborative works. Student desk could also be arranged to make them sit in pairs. This allows easy walk through by the teacher and collaborative works. Lastly, it is also necessary to consider how student sit in class. They can be made to sit using names in an alphabetical order. This helps teachers to easily learn the names of students. Another method is to allow girls to sit by boys. This is a simple way which ensures students comportment. Students could also be made to choose their own seats and take as their permanent seating place. Below are some techniques necessary to manage student’s behavior in the classroom; Firstly, attention seeking students; it is advisable to give such students position of responsibility and encourage him or her to set as a good example to his/her colleagues. Example is to collect assignment from his colleagues to the teacher and also, to pass out lesson papers to the others. It is also advisable to give maximum positive attention to such students whenever necessary. Outline rules to be followed when responding or answering questions in the class such as; raise your hands if you have a comment, question or an answer to a question, wait to be called upon before talking and lastly, keep quiet and listen whiles others talk. Secondly, dealing with demanding students; make that student a leader whenever necessary. Frequently give task that is easy and that allows for success to such students. Student must be provided with self-correcting task so that he or she may see own errors at first hand. It is also necessary to video record the class in progress and play to students after the class to see how he or she interacted in class. Furthermore, behavior that may obstruct a class is negative response to rules and regulations. Teachers must try to use good guidelines when making classroom rules such as; involving your students in making up the rules, stating the rules positively, keeping rules simple and understandable and also reviewing rules usually with your student to update them. It is necessary to give students choices in order to reduce negative reactions in class. It must be ensured that students clearly understand what is expected from them. It is also advisable to contact school authorities and parents to discuss student’s inappropriate behaviors. Additionally, it is required of teacher to offer praise to students for good work done. This helps to improve academic and behavioral performance. It helps to increase the confidence level of students, inspire the class and encourage good behavior. It also encourages the repetition of acceptable behaviors. These are some few tips that may lead to a successful classroom management.