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Did you know that about 360 million English speakers are natives, and over 1 billion are non-native speakers? The thought of English being popular seems to be true to some extent. However, being popular doesn't mean that everybody likes it. Most people prefer and feel more comfortable with their language. So the question remains, why English? According to David Crystal "Why a language becomes a global language has little to do with the number of people who speak it. It is much more to do with who those speakers are." So who is speaking English today? People in the business world, Science and Medicine world, Academic world, Entertainment world, and in the Traveling and Tourism world. People in the business world realize that English is good business. Which means that the search for people who can speak English well is in demand. Most of the best MBA programs and cutting edge business materials and resources are in English. Every year International trade is expanding, bringing new countries into contact with each other. Multinational companies have also been increasing. Therefore using English as the language to bring them together for growth and efficiency is a need to stay and compete in the business world. To clinicians and scientists, English is known as the international language of medicine. Because it allows access to an enormous amount of information, journals, reports and great discoveries in which science and medicine can build on. If a scientist is going to use a new term, it will probably be English. Whenever there is a cure to be found or something to be discovered, networking and meeting at seminars to discuss these things, are essential and English becomes paramount for success and good, reliable references. In the academic world, English also plays an important role. Education and knowledge are key steps for success in our world today. "English is the world's most widely studied second language." according to Philip G. Altbach Monan, professor of higher education and director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College. Parents want their children to learn English because they want to provide them with a better future. Several of the top Universities are in an English spoken country and are opening their doors and classrooms for more and more students from every country to visit and study. Which means the top scholars of today speak and write English. A lot of entertainment in today's culture is in English. Television, movies, music, video games. The internet has influenced and played a major role in the world towards the English language. Most of the content produced is in English and convey very specific meanings. So knowing English helps people enjoy life and be entertained. The Internet has helped our world have a lot more access and exposure to all of the above. The entertainment world has expanded quite a bit and younger children are a lot more exposed to English. Last but not least English is essential for the tourism industry. More and more people are traveling and English has become an important language to ensure quality and performance standards. English is used for easy and effective communication between travelers and employees. People travel more when they feel understood and their wants and needs are met. That is why there is a need to have good oral English skills. If the traveler has good knowledge of English it can improve his/her travel experiences. These are some of the many positive aspects of English in travel and tourism. In conclusion, when it comes to global communication there is and will always be a need for a global language. People want to feel connected to what is going on in the world. The need to find common ground to achieve great things is essential to the world. Good oral and written communication helps us to achieve this. So far English is filling that need in our world. Throughout the eighteenth and twentieth-century history shows us that the colonial and economic expansion made sure that the English language became a global language. It was more of a necessity. And it is still a necessity today. Yes, the English language is the global language in today's world. I believe that English will continue to be a global language for many years to come and it is a language worth learning. It expands your opportunities and life experiences. References: David Crystal English as a global language second edition page 7 Go Natural English Blog Reading in English Global knowledge